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Jersey Shore’s Angelina Bails on Porno With Snooki’s Ex. – Wait, What?

We’ve been robbed this day, my friends. Robbed.

Because America will forever be the Land of Opportunity, Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick (a blob above) was offered $50,000 to make a porno, shot to look like a sex tape, with Snooki’s ex-boyfriend Jeff Miranda. However, after considering the offer, she turned it down… More »

Snooki Should Say ‘Yes’

Jeff Miranda, the Iraq war vet who tried to be Snooki’s boyfriend just to get on Jersey Shore, is now proposing to her on the cover of Cheap Famewhore Steppin’ Out magazine despite the fact she’s seen in these photos trying to bang some random dude over the weekend only to miraculously recognize her limits… More »

That’s More Like It

What at first seemed like another sad example of PTSD gone horribly wrong, has finally revealed itself as your typical “Boy Uses Swamp Pig for Publicity” thus restoring balance to the universe and allowing me to stop writing letters to the Pentagon. *chucks crayons out the window* RadarOnline reports: … More »

When Ewoks Attack

It has a taste for flesh now! Evacuate the boardwa- Oh, wait, that’s just Snooki’s new boyfriend, Iraq vet Jeff Miranda. A confused young man who, not unlike anyone that’s awoken to the sweet smell of Absolut Pickle before him, went immediately running to the press to market his shame. Us Magazine has the romantic… More »