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Bertney’s Old Berfriend

Bertney’s Old Berfriend
A Scholastic Super Reader’s Choice

It had been a long time since Bertney had seen Mr. Jason. Papa had fired him a while back for not making sure she didn’t wander off the set of X-Factor to eat Furnch Fries. Bertney liked exploring.
“Ya had one simple job,”
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Britney Spears Will Save Amanda Bynes

I feel good about this already.

Britney Spears doesn’t know what day of the week it is, but she is under a conservatorship for being crazy, so that’s enough to come up with a story about her trying to help Amanda Bynes which I’m going to repeat for the sole purpose of making… More »


Thanks to the Golden Globes, I didn’t get a chance to cover Britney Spears being tossed back into the dating pool after she quit X-Factor, exactly as predicted, so here she is on a coffee run yesterday where her sweatshirt let the world know she’s ready for love. And by love I mean someone willing… More »

Britney Spears Is Getting Dumped After Jason Trawick Gets His Cut of Her ‘X Factor’ Money


Provided you even consider their relationship a relationship and not a strictly business arrangement where he bought her from her parents which he did, Britney Spears is reportedly getting dumped by Jason Trawick but not until she finishes filming X Factor, a deal that landed him a cushy producer gig as well… More »

And Now Back To America’s Royalty: BERTNEY!

I’ve often wondered how they manage to coax Britney Spears onto a red carpet without fried chicken hanging in the background, and today I found out the answer: Jason Trawick arrives to each event with a puppy hidden in his jacket which means every single one of these faces is, “Be good and ah getta… More »

Here’s Every Single Crazy Face Bertney Made At The ‘X Factor’ Premiere

Fun Fact: Shortly after Britney Spears just walked right off set during her first episode of X Factor, Simon Cowell secretly suffered a nervous breakdown that forced him to disappear for three weeks. Now imagine being in those shoes and coming back to see each and every one of these faces you paid $15 million… More »

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