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There’s Another Britney Spears Tape

Despite explicit instructions to place their lips gently upon her Southern derriere, RadarOnline has just released another Britney Spears recording even though absolutely no one is buying these things, and audio experts are laughing themselves to sleep over the obvious manipulation used on them:

On the new tape, Britney’s ex husband Jason Alexander… More »

Britney Spears: ‘Kiss Mah Grits’

“Radiance.” Riiight.

In a textbook example of how not to handle a celebrity client with special needs, Britney Spears was actually allowed near her Twitter account this evening where she left a very special message for Star and RadarOnline (above) after the two collaborated on the fake audio recordings of Britney calling her… More »

Britney & Jason Trawick: A Horrible Idea

After her people shot down the abuse allegations, someone thought it’d be a great idea to send Britney Spears over to Jason Trawick’s office in a show of solidarity. Which would make sense with any normal couple, but factor in Britney’s a mental patient, and you wind up with photos where she looks he told… More »

Britney’s Legal Team: ‘Audio is Fake’

“Y’all gettin’ sued, y’all!”

In what was only a matter of time, Britney Spears co-conservator Andrew Wallet has not only denied every aspect of the Jason Trawick abuse allegations, but is prepared to sue the dicks off of Star and RadarOnline, according to TMZ, who I’m sure took no joy in publishing this:… More »

Britney’s Boyfriend Allegedly Beats Her (Updated with Recording)

“You gon’ go buy me a sandwich wich year dancin’ money, woman. Now git.”

In one of the most ludicrous claims ever leveled at the Britney Spears’ camp so I’m not even going to pretend to take it seriously, Star is reporting Britney’s husband for two days, Jason Alexander, received an hysterical phone… More »