Jared Fogle

Jared Fogle: ‘I’m Not A Monster, My Victim’s Parents Are’

Jared Fogle found a bottom lower than “I’ll pay you big for a 14 or 15-year-old.” I know, I couldn’t believe it at first either. More »

Jared Fogle Only Shared Child Porn Once, You Guys. It Was A Date!

Jared Fogle somehow lost his appeal despite claiming he only shared child porn once – on a date. I’m as shocked as you are. More »

Jared Fogle’s Texts Are Gross As Hell

Jared Fogle’s text messages probably just screwed him out of an appeal, and poor choice of words. My bad. More »

Jared Fogle Is Trying To Pick Up Chicks From Prison

Jared Fogle is writing letters to women asking them to wait for him. It’s not working. More »

Jared Fogle Got Ambushed In Prison

Jared Fogle got his face punched in by another inmate. More »

Jared Fogle’s Not Getting Fat In Prison

Jared Fogle isn’t getting fat in prison because today is a big old bag of fake thermos dicks. More »

Jared Fogle Got Fat In Prison Already

Jared Fogle is reverting back to his original form in prison. Oh, and routinely getting his ass beat. That, too. More »

The Subway Diet Made Jared Fogle A Pedophile Sex Addict? Wow

Jared Fogle’s lawyers actually tried to say the Subway diet turned him into a pedophile. You can’t make this shit up. More »

Dr. Phil Will Air Recordings of Jared Fogle Talking About Raping Kids

Who wants to hear Jared Fogle talk about how ‘good’ it felt to rape little boys? And the answer is no one. No one should want to hear that. More »

Subway Received A Serious Complaint About Jared In 2011

Somewhere, a Quiznos executive just slowly lowered a pistol from his temple. More »

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