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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Is Alive And Talking. What? How?

Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie is apparently fine after her ATV accident that sounded like a recipe for all kinds of awful. More »

And Now Security Footage of Jamie Lynn Spears Wielding A Knife

Earlier in the month, we learned that Jamie Lynn Spears broke up a drunken fight at a Louisiana pita shop by grabbing a knife and waving it around like a crazy person. And now TMZ has the security footage (above) showing her doing basically that except far less exciting. Although, apparently when you’re Louisiana royalty,… More »

Jamie Lynn Spears Pulled A Knife At A Louisiana Pita Shop Fight

If you thought Dustin Diamond is the only pseudo-celebrity whose go-to move is to start stabbing whenever a fight breaks out, Jamie Lynn Spears pulled a knife during a fight at a Louisiana pita shop because apparently that’s what happens when you introduce foreign food to the south. Especially the terrorist kind. THIS IS AMERICA. More »


Not unlike the Nickelodeon exec who (allegedly) knocked her up, I forget Jamie Lynn Spears is a person who exists in real life. But apparently 31-year-old “businessman” Jamie Watson did not because he married her over the weekend. Us Weekly reports:

Spears, 22, and Watson, 31, arrived with their families at the Audobon… More »

Jamie Lynn Spears Thinks ‘Teen Mom’ is Brave

The last time we saw Jamie Lynn Spears on the site it was 2009, and you’ll be surprised to learn she was not murdered by Britney in a freak Whopper accident as I’ve assumed since then. Turns out she’s been quietly raising her daughter Maddie while biding her time until it becomes her turn to… More »

Courtney Love: ‘I don’t want Frances Bean to become Jamie Lynn Spears’

While simultaneously complaining about Frances Bean not being a “private person,” Courtney Love continued to air their dirty laundry all over Facebook yesterday:

this is like a hand grenade got thrown into our lives and its not Frances! i am angry at these people not Frances id just prefer she not become Jaimie… More »

Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears in bikinis

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears were spotted poolside today in Miami which is surprising because I was pretty much convinced they shipped Jamie Lynn deep into the bayou to hide their family’s shame. Then again, they’ve been letting Britney parade out in public lately, so what’s one teenage pregnancy amidst a potential SWAT team… More »

Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend going to jail?

Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby’s daddy, Casey Aldridge, might be looking at jail time for his pickup truck accident which resulted in three people – including himself – being ejected from the vehicle. Surprisingly, they all survived with minor injuries. People reports:

Alridge, 19, better known as Jamie Lynn Spears’s boyfriend and the… More »

Jamie Lynn Spears’ boyfriend in car accident

Casey Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie, flipped his truck early this morning in Louisiana. He’s currently at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and in stable condition, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned Casey Aldridge was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle (a misdemeanor) after last night’s… More »

Britney Spears’ brother marries Jamie Lynn’s manager

Britney Spears’ brother Bryan married Jamie Lynn Spears’ manager on New Year’s Eve in an event that family members described as “Not quite incest. But close enough.” People reports:

“It was beautiful,” a source tells PEOPLE about the elder Spears’s wedding to Graciella Sanchez, 36, longtime manager of little sister Jamie Lynn. “It was… More »

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