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Farrah Abraham Wants To Be A ‘Virgin Forever.’ Butt-Squirt Farrah.

After knee-capping real rape survivors to promote the sequel to her sex tape, jack-butt of all trades Farrah Abraham has apparently switched back to Christian parenting mode because she’s totally done with having sex, you guys, and is saving her body for Christ. You read that. Via Life & Style:

Farrah Abraham bared… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt is single. Again.

People reports Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy are no longer having shame-filled sex together which is kind of sad considering I was actually starting to buy them as a couple. No, really, think about it: She’s fucking crazy and he can’t afford to pay for sex because no one will hire him. How… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt: ‘Jamie Kennedy is like the most awesome person’

Jennifer Love Hewitt is hurt that people would suggest Jamie Kennedy wants to have sex with other women, according to People:

“It’s really hurtful that people say that,” says Hewitt, 30, who attended the event with her beau of 8 months, costar Jamie Kennedy. “Because he is like the most awesome person.”
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Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t even hold onto Jamie Kennedy. Ouch.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s large breasts can’t even make Jamie Kennedy stay with her. He’s reportedly ready to bail on her for his ex-girlfriend, and former Britney Spears assistant, Shannon Funk, according to FOX 411:

“Jamie is still hung up on Shannon and has been telling her that,” says the source. “He also told… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt working on country album

As if dating Jamie Kennedy wasn’t evidence enough that Jennifer Love Hewitt has lost her shit, she’s considering becoming a country singer, according to People:

How does Kennedy repay his girlfriend for all her loving support? “After the show she gets Pinkberry,” Kennedy jokes. Kidding aside, he says Hewitt is “writing a country… More »

The Country Music Awards

Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about last night’s Country Music Awards. For the record, I didn’t actually watch them because I was too busy doing something more enjoyable. (Read: Paying the neighbor kid to throw rocks at my genitals.):

Taylor Swift is hot. — I could end the post right here… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt rebounds with Jamie Kennedy

As if we needed further proof that Jennifer Love Hewitt has lost her shit, apparently she’s dating Jamie Kennedy. Rumors had been circulating the two were an item, and Jamie took it upon himself to confirm it to the world this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. People reports:

“I’m in love and I… More »

Britney Spears ex-assistant is not a celebrity

Shannon Funk, the former assistant to Britney Spears, is apparently worthy of paparazzi attention. Granted, she’s sort of hot in a slutty, hey-she’s-not-Britney kind of way. But this chick is not a celebrity. Want further proof? She’s hanging out with Jamie Kennedy. The last person seen in public with Jamie was an Egg… More »