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Don’t Ever Accuse Alec Baldwin’s Wife of Tweeting At A Funeral, You Toxic Little Queen

For a man whose 17-year-old daughter has been getting visibly banged on the Internet by a guy named Slater Trout, walking ball of rage Alec Baldwin has done a remarkable job of keeping his composure. A move he’s clearly pulled off by bottling up his anger until it eventually explodes into a fury so fiery… More »

James Gandolfini Is Dead (1961 – 2013)

For those of you just returning to the Internet, Deadline broke the news that James Gandolfini died in Italy this morning from a heart attack. The man was only 51:

Overweight, balding, rough around the edges with a thick New Jersey accent, Gandolfini was the opposite of a marquee leading man, destined to… More »

James Gandolfini will f-cking destroy you

James Gandolfini was caught on video attacking a paparazzo Halloween night. The guy was a fair distance away which a.) didn’t warrant the assault, but b.) enabled him to capture Tony Soprano charging like a goddamn bull. Undoubtedly the most terrifying image I’ve seen in my life. This might have happened six days ago… More »

James Gandolfini loves his fans – with fists

James Gandolfini decided to rough up a fan he encountered at JFK airport yesterday. The guy claimed to be a huge fan of Tony Soprano and kept pushing for an autograph, according to the Daily Mail:

The affection was clearly not mutual, with an irritated Gandolfini grabbing the man by his collar and punching… More »