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James Deen Won Two AVN Awards Despite Rape Accusations

James Deen won two AVN Awards despite all those rape accusations because the porn industry is really cracking down. Just cracking down so hard. More »

James Deen Is Denying All of Those Rape Accusations

James Deen denies the rape allegations against him in a questionable interview with The Daily Beast. More »

Farrah Abraham Claims James Deen Raped Her, Here We Go

Farrah Abraham has accused James Deen of raping her, so there goes all that credibility that was building up. More »

‘Feminist’ Porn Star James Deen Accused of Rape By Three Women

So James Deen probably just raped himself right out of a porn career. Allegedly. More »

Farrah Abraham’s ‘Research’ Magically Turned Into A $544,000 Stripping Job

Last week, we learned that Farrah Abraham took a cocktail waitress job at a strip club where she ended up stripping herself but, like, totally for research, you guys. Except apparently that research involves signing a half-a-million contract to keep stripping which I’m pretty sure is how Jennifer Aniston does it. She dips her permanentlyMore »

Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Sequel Has Stills Already

Well, that was fast. Here are stills from Farrah 2 Backdoor And More the sequel to Farrah Abraham’s sex tape that’s already available for sale tomorrow night which Steve Hirsch swears is a “completely different movie” albeit one that apparently stars James Deen again. Because most amateur sex tapes filmed between two ordinary people involve… More »

Farrah Abraham Is The Hero Feminism Deserves, Not The One It Needs Right Now

Back in May, Jezebel decided to go after Chrissy Teigen for calling Farrah Abraham a “slut” because it’d be totes post-modern cool to pretend Farrah is a regular Rosie Riveter making porn look like an expression of feminine freedom and not the entirely opportunistic cash grab she’s still lying about it not being. Which makes… More »

Lindsay Lohan Skipped ‘The Canyons’ Premiere

As of right now, The Canyons is the only (straight-to-video) movie Lindsay Lohan’s been in since (the Lifetime original) Liz & Dick, so naturally she didn’t even bother to show up to last night’s premiere as a courtesy to director Paul Schrader who not only took a giant gamble on her, but put up withMore »

James Deen Is Pissed Farrah Abraham’s Pretending He Got Her Pregnant During Their ‘Sex Tape’

“Dear God, it’s me, Farrah. Can butts have babies?”

I was really trying to avoid this story because it was clearly nothing more than Farrah Abraham trying to cram more press into her ass like the glass dildo in her pornographic movie that was not a leaked sex tape, so to bring everyone… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s ‘Sex Tape’ Has A Trailer Because It’s A Porno She Purposefully Made For Money

While I was on vacation last week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham signed a deal with Vivid to release her sex tape, and by signed a deal I mean they all pretended she got paid a million dollars for a professional porno she already got paid for acting in as a porn star. So if… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Says James Deen Has A Small Penis, Claims Sex Tape Was ‘Like A Wedding Video’

Despite the fact James Deen works in porn and there are hundreds of hours of video footage where people/Photo Boys can look at his penis, Farrah Abraham decided to say it’s small because that’ll teach him to exactly lay out the plans to pretend the porno she made is a leaked sex tape. TMZ reports:… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Was Already Paid For Her Sex Tape That’s Really A Porno

Earlier in the week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham finally admitted that her “leaked sex tape” was really a porno she shot with James Deen, but then tried to say it was for her private collection and she’d only release it for $2 million. So naturally none of that turned out to be true because… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Wants $2 Million For The Porno She Pretended Was A Sex Tape

Seen here posing for another photo shoot because that always works out well for former MTV reality stars, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham now admits she made a porno with James Deen but refuses to release it for less than $2 million as if all of this wasn’t negotiated beforehand. TMZ reports:

Farrah Abraham… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s Mom Doesn’t Believe This Innocent Child of God Would Make A Sex Tape

Now that everyone knows Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made a [literal pornographic movie with the intent of pretending it’s a] sex tape, let’s find out what her mom thinks while she’s sitting in the Midwest basically raising Farrah’s kid. TMZ reports:

Debra tells us … her daughter’s not the type that would… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s ‘Sex Tape’ Is A Porno She Made With James Deen

Seen here in brand new bikini photos conveniently released the day news of her sex tape broke, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham actually made a full-on porno with James Deen that’s going to be released by Vivid making her the first, and surprisingly only, Teen Mom to do a reverse-Kim Kardashian like a fucking idiot. More »

Lindsay Lohan Continues To Grab Life By The Horns And Suck Them For $100,000

Posted by Photo Boy

Remember back in December, when Lindsay Lohan was still working as the world’s shittiest thief instead of her new gig infecting rich men with HIV? Well, it turns out the IRS was watching the whole time and they don’t accept ‘throat dollars.’ via Radar:
Lindsay Lohan will have… More »

A NY Times Reporter Was Around The Whole Time Lindsay Lohan Filmed ‘The Canyons’

Our server’s are acting up again, so while we wait around/drink the anger away, via our resident Ginger Swede here’s Stephen Rodrick’s awesome New York Times profile on the production of The Canyons which will probably be the last movie Lindsay Lohan ever makes once all of Hollywood reads this because Jesus Christ. You’d literally… More »

These Teasers For Lindsay Lohan’s New Movie Aren’t Helping And Other News

- Apparently Ben Affleck will show up to anything he’s invited to. “And how!” said Blake Lively’s vagina. [Lainey Gossip]

- First Time Chivettes [theCHIVE]

- Janeane Garofalo was married for the past 20 years and had no idea. [Dlisted]

– And now for the inevitable “WHY NOT BABY… More »

It’s The Trailer For ‘The Canyons’ Starring Lindsay Lohan As Pretty Much Lindsay Lohan

Here’s the first teaser trailer for The Canyons starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen that was literally shot in four weeks for about $5 because she’s in the middle of a comeback, you guys. Anyway, if the faux-60s vibe doesn’t make you immediately stop this thing (and rightfully so), notice how unlike the… More »

Porn Star James Deen Apparently Has No Problem Making Out With Janice Dickinson In Public

So remember when James Deen immediately denied having sex with Lindsay Lohan even though he’s a porn star with a reputation for doing violent choking videos? Here he is sucking face with 90-year-old Janice Dickinson right in front of the paparazzi without a care in the world. Which means at some point in his life,… More »

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