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Jaimee Grubbs in a Bikini

Dear Tiger Woods,

As you take a break from the links to pretend you love your family, I’d like to offer a sincere thanks for approaching the field of adultery with all the zeal and determination you give to the sport of golf. It takes a special kind of talent to sink your… More »

Tiger Woods made love children and sex tapes. Of course.

Based on his new hobby of banging 800 cocktail waitresses and porn stars without a condom, it was inevitable Tiger Woods would be caught on tape not only doing one but fertilizing her eggs with his magic golf sperm. The National Enquirer reports:

“That would be the final straw for his wife -… More »

Tiger Woods didn’t use a condom with this

Seen here in an undated photo that’s already making me itch, Tiger Woods mistress Jaime Grubbs claims the golfer never used a condom when they had sex, according to Us Magazine:

“He didn’t use a condom,” says Grubbs, who adds that Woods also didn’t ask if she was on birth control, either. “It… More »

Tiger Woods stuck his penis in everybody

An updated look at Tiger Woods’ Vaginal Scorecard:

Tiger’s Fourth Mistress is a Lingerie Model named Jamie (He likes that name.) [E! Online]

Fifth Tiger Woods Mistress Claims Tiger Spanked her Numerous Times in his Own Home – [News of the World]

Surprise! There’s a Sixth Woman – [National Enquirer]

More »

Tiger Woods’ other mistress is a famewhore. Get out.

Apparently Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress and Tool Academy contestant Jamiee Grubbs has been aggressively pursuing a career in show business, according to her ex-boyfriend Aaron Kinnard. RadarOnline reports:

“As soon as Jaimee found out I was a race car driver, she followed me to my car and then came home with me… More »

Tiger Woods’ wife called Jaime Grubbs day of crash

In case there was any doubt Elin Woods doesn’t fuck around, she apparently called one of Tiger’s alleged mistresses Jaime (Or Jaimee? Does it matter.) Grubbs the day of Tiger’s crash, according to TMZ:

Co-workers tell TMZ on Friday — the day of Tiger’s crash — Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail… More »

Let the Tiger Woods Whore Parade Begin!

And now for the inevitable barrage of strippers trying to score their own reality show by saying they blew Tiger Woods. TMZ reports:

The woman — Jaime Grubbs, claims she met Tiger in Las Vegas in April, 2007. The woman — a cocktail waitress who was 21 at the time — began what… More »