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David Boreanaz: ‘Cheating Brought Me Closer To My Wife.’ Oh, Good.

Full Disclosure: Using this photo was 99.99999% of the reason for this post.

When David Boreanaz cheated on his wife with just a slew of women (NSFW), he never knew it would become the “bonding experience” that would temper their love for each other and turn out alright in the end. Frankly, he… More »

David Boreanaz banged another one

Because Lindsay Lohan has become O.J. on Coke, and nobody watches Bones, I completely missed that David Boreanaz has a third mistress now: Porn star Gina Rodriguez a.k.a. Demi Delia. RadarOnline reports:

And although she denies a sexual affair, RadarOnline.com reached two sources who say it did happen.
A source exclusively told RadarOnline.com,… More »

David Boreanaz is so happy. SO HAPPY!

Here’s David Boreanaz dragging his family to the FOX Upfronts in New York yesterday because it’s the classy thing do after banging Tiger Woods’ sloppy seconds. On that note, I’m pretty sure you could tape Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway’s mouths together, and it still wouldn’t be as big as the smile on David… More »

David Boreanaz: ‘My penis is a victim here!’

David Boreanaz essentially pulled a Letterman by announcing he cheated on his wife in an attempt to stop his mistress – who may or may not be Tiger mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel – from extorting him via Gloria Allred. E! News reports:

“Marty Singer attempted to contact a woman who had a romantic… More »