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Boy George gets 15 months for imprisoning escort

Boy George (Real name: George O’Dowd) was sentenced to 15 months in jail today for falsely imprisoning a male escort in April 2007, according to the AP:

The singer had been convicted in December of handcuffing Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen to a wall hook at his East London apartment. During the trial, prosecutors said… More »

O.J. Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison

O.J. Simpson just got slapped with 15 years in prison today for robbing a sports memorabilia collector in Vegas last year. The AP reports:

A broken O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery by a judge who rejected his apology… More »

Anne Hathaway’s ex gets 4 1/2 years in prison

Raffaello Follieri, the con-man ex-boyfriend of Anne Hathaway, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison yesterday stemming from his guilty plea to 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy. Raffaello had claimed he was a Chief Financial Officer for the Vatican and bilked real estate investors out of millions of dollars. PeopleMore »

Brooke & Nick Hogan: Reunited and it feels so good…

Photos of Nick Hogan being greeted outside of Pinellas County jail by his sister Brooke just started popping up, and this looks like a touching reunion. And by touching reunion I mean their children are going to have extra limbs.

NICK: Listen, don’t get freaked out. But I have a boner.
BROOKE: It’s okay,… More »

Anne Hathaway’s ex is an idiot

Anne Hathway’s con-man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri is seeking leniency in his federal case for conspiracy and wire fraud. However, prosecutors (and I’m sure the defense also) we’re surprised when Raffaello sent the judge pictures of himself with the pope and other high-ranking priests, according to the AP:

They urged the judge Thursday to impose… More »

Nick Hogan released after 166 days in jail

Nick Hogan was released from Pinellas County jail early this morning after serving only 166 days in jail. He was sentenced to eight months for a felony charge of reckless driving that left his friend John Graziano in a permanent vegetative state. In the meantime, Nick’s big sister Brooke couldn’t wait for him to get… More »

O.J. Simpson convicted of robbery, kidnapping

So this is what it feels like to see O.J. Simpson get convicted of something. The Juice and his accomplice Clarence “C.J.” Stewart were both found guilty of robbery and kidnapping after they targeted a group of Las Vegas sports memorabilia collectors in Vegas. The AP reports:

Both Simpson, 61, and Stewart,… More »

Nick Hogan’s getting out of jail early

Nick Hogan is getting three months knocked off his jail sentence and will be a free man before Halloween. He was serving eight months after a car accident that left his best friend John Graziano in a coma with a massive hole in his head. TMZ reports:

Nick’s being released from Pinellas… More »

Nikki Blonsky’s father out on bail, can’t leave tropical island until trial (Justice!)

Nikki Blonksy’s father Carl was allowed to post bail yesterday due to a medical condition. He can’t leave the Turks and Caicos island until his trial for beating the ever living crap out of Elaine Golden the mother of America’s Next Top Model contestant, Bianca Golden. In case you forgot what grievous sin… More »

Nick Hogan is a ‘better man’ thanks to prison, says Hulk

Hulk Hogan is so proud of his son. You know, the one who’s in prison for braining his friend in a drag racing accident on a public highway, not to be confused with the one filming his own reality show Brooke Knows Best. Anyway, Hulk says Nick is becoming a ‘better man” from… More »

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