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The Playboy Mansion Had Secret Tunnels To Celebrity Houses

Playboy.com editors recently discovered old blueprints showing secret tunnels leading from the Playboy Mansion to Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, and James Caan’s houses. Also, we’re pretty sure this is how Kendra got out. More »

Jack Nicholson Didn’t Retire

On Wednesday, Radar reported that Jack Nicholson secretly retired from acting on account of memory loss which everyone agreed sounded reasonable because coke. Turns out, none of that happened at all because Jack’s rep just let NBC Nightly News know that his client is still reading scripts to play himself in:

When asked… More »

Jack Nicholson Reportedly Retired From Acting

“Yay, more pussy for me.”
“Not on your life…”

Jack Nicholson has openly admitted to doing mountains of cocaine over the years, so I’m willing to accept the possibility that he suffers from memory loss to the point that it’s affected his acting, and that his new mission in life is to… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s warrant not exactly warranted?

Lindsay Lohan’s arrest warrant seems to be the result of a misunderstanding and will be resolved quickly today, according to TMZ:

Here’s why an arrest warrant was issued. Lindsay was in an alcohol ed program for more than a year and was in full compliance with her probation. Sources say not too long ago… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Shitty Weekend

Lindsay Lohan’s weekend went to hell in a lesbian basket Friday when it was reported Beverly Hill police have issued a warrant for her arrest. Details are fuzzy, but it regards her compliance with enrolling in education classes as part of her 2007 DUI conviction. Obviously, this didn’t sit too well with Samantha Ronson and… More »

Jack Nicholson asked to autograph Joker photo

Jack Nicholson walked out of the Wolseley Restaurant in London last night when paparazzi informed him of the death of Heath Ledger. They told him it was a drug overdose which prompted Jack to say “That’s awful. I warned him.” Then somebody shoved a Joker photo in his face for him to sign. Who could… More »

Jack Nicholson has a secret handicapped son

According to Page Six, Jack Nicholson is known around Hollywood for sleeping around and getting random women pregnant, but now he’s denying claims that he may be the father of an illegitimate handicapped son that he tried to keep a secret. “Five Easy Decades” is an unauthorized biography about Jack and says:

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