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Ivanka Trump knows how to sell a book and other news

- Tracy Morgan shits on his old SNL castmates in his new book. [PopEater] - George Clooney's new girlfriend will fucking cut you. [Lainey Gossip] - Khloe Kardashian hasn't figured out she's not the hot sister yet. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW] -…
By: The Superficial / October 14, 2009

Pamela Anderson is classy and other news

- Ivanka Trump is engaged. Great. Now where am I going to find a young, billionaire sugar mama with awesome breasts? Even if Donald makes another baby today, I'll be almost 50 by the time's it 18 which means I'll have to be the rich one. Stupid cockblocking capitalism, I hate you! [PopEater]…
By: The Superficial / July 16, 2009

Ivanka Trump: For your dating consideration

Ivanka Trump the 26-year-old daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump is back on the market. And unlike another certain heiress we know, Ivanka is STD-free and runs her own mortgage empire. (Read: She'll buy you a Wii.) Page Six reports: We noticed Trump - who had been dating real estate mogul and New…
By: The Superficial / April 2, 2008

Ivanka Trump too sexy for The View

Ivanka Trump, the Vice President of real estate development and acquisitions for her father's company, says there's no way she'd co-host The View even though Page Six reported she was among the candidates being considered to replace Rosie O'Donnell. During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM today, Ivanka said: "There's zero chance I…
By: Superficial / July 10, 2007

Ivanka Trump looks sharp

Ivanka Trump showed up to Good Morning with Mike and Juliette at Fox New York City wearing a gigantic wrinkled suit. I don't know which thought horrifies me more, that she's actually wearing her dad's suit or that this thing actually fits her. If she showed up to a meeting dressed like thi…
By: Superficial / April 23, 2007

Andy Dick tries to molest Ivanka Trump

Andy Dick was dragged off Jimmy Kimmel Live last week after he kept touching Ivanka Trump. It's especially pathetic because you know this is him trying to prove he's straight. Only he has no idea how to be straight, so this is what he learned from a book. Probably the same one Tom Cruise read.
By: Superficial / February 5, 2007

Ivanka Trump has ridiculous boobs

Ivanka Trump showed up to the 50th Annual International Red Cross Ball sporting some super lopsided breasts. I mean, really, when your dad's a billionaire you can probably afford a decent plastic surgeon. You don't have to go to that guy who meets you in the alley behind 7-Eleven and keeps his surgical…
By: Superficial / January 30, 2007

Lance Armstrong and Ivanka Trump maybe get it on

Page Six is claiming that Ivanka Trump and Lance Armstrong are dating, although they have no witnesses and no sources and pretty much no reason to think they're dating at all. Their biggest piece of evidence is, and I quote, "Armstrong is also known for having an eye for hot women and was most…
By: Superficial / October 2, 2006