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Mary-Kate Olsen off the hook, Feds close Heath Ledger case

Mary-Kate Olsen is free to murder another young actor in his prime. (Please be Dane Cook. Please be Dane Cook. Please be Dane Cook.) Federal prosecutors have decided not to pursue a criminal case regarding Heath Ledger’s acquisition of prescription painkillers and sleeping pills, according to the AP:

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Mary-Kate Olsen’s lawyer doing a bang-up job making her look not guilty

Mary-Kate’s lawyer took to the press yesterday after a story ran in the New York Post claiming Mary-Kate Olsen is seeking immunity from prosecution before speaking to the DEA about Heath Ledger’s accidental overdose. The AP reports:

“We have provided the government with relevant information including facts in the chronology of events… More »

Mary-Kate Olsen wants immunity in Heath Ledger investigation

Mary-Kate Olsen is refusing to be interviewed by federal investigators about Heath Ledger’s accidental overdose until she’s granted immunity from prosecution. This latest move proves what I’ve always feared: Pauly Shore knew something relevant when he claimed the Olsen twins are diabolical. May God have mercy on us all. The New York Post reports:

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Hulk Hogan threatened by Graziano family, graves vowed to be pissed on

John Graziano’s brother Frank has allegedly been leaving Hulk Hogan threatening messages since his appearance on Larry King Live, according to TMZ:

The voicemail threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family — calling them “whores” and threatening to “piss on you and your family’s grave” — have been released.
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David Copperfield is hiding something from the FBI

David Copperfield is being investigated by the FBI though nobody will explain why. He has a warehouse in Las Vegas called the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts where he keeps tricks and memorabilia, and it was raided by FBI agents Wednesday where they seized a computer hard drive, a digital… More »