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‘Another Way to Die’: This Bond Music Video

I hadn’t even considered people might want to listen to Jack White and Alicia Keys’ new Bond theme as a recreational activity outside of the film, but presumably that’s the pitch with this music video for their song, Another Way to Die. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it this time, or at least not… More »

Kim Kardashian Wrestles Carmen Electra for Tragically Unfunny Arousal

Sex sells, so it’s no surprise that, like Superhero Movie before it, Disaster Movie attempts to bring in viewers unaware of ways of procuring actual pornography (i.e., the internet) by promising a brief, cleavage-filled wrestling match. But what makes this clip astounding is how writer-director duo Friedberg and Seltzer are somehow able to… More »

‘Day the Earth Stood Still’ Trailer is Incredibly Keanu-y

I’ve never seen Keanu so Keanu-y. In trying to take on the role of an alien, he’s somehow become an exaggerated, even more lifeless version of himself, and it’s very, very strange to behold. If standard Keanu was the final boss of a video game, this trailer’s Keanu is like the super powerful,… More »

2008 MTV Movie Awards Nominees Announced

Any awards show brave and thoughtful enough to nominate National Treasure: Book of Secrets as the best picture of the year deserves our special attention. So clearly the MTV Movie Award nominations warrant your perusal. As executive producer Mark Burnett, and anyone with half a brain says, “I consider the MTV Movie Awards… More »

Hey! Old Batman Trailer Look Like New Batman Trailer!

I saw this a couple days ago and wasn’t going to post it, but since a few people have sent it in now, here it is: a side-by-side comparison of the last trailer to The Dark Knight and the eerily similar 1989 trailer to Tim Burton’s Batman. Lazy editing? Supernatural coincidence? Conspiracy? Or… More »

‘Indiana Jones 4′ on TV, in Commercial Form

Did you think you were going to get more than a day without some sort of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull media? Nice try, suckers. Here’s the new TV spot for what I’m hiply-dubbing IJ4:KotCS (you say the last part “cot-kiss”), chockfull of some fantastically redundant titles for anyone… More »

Exclusive: I Believed in Harvey Dent!

With the Dark Knight marketing campaign in full swing for the July release, campaign vans for fictional D.A. Harvey Dent have been visiting cities across America, sending out a message of hope for Gotham that the majority of pedestrians didn’t seem to understand. I reluctantly headed to Manhattan’s Lower East Side, camera in… More »

Anna Nicole Smith biopic trailer

If you’ve studied the Kübler-Ross model at all (and who hasn’t?), you know that tragedy is typically dealt with in a multi-stage process known as the Five Stages of Grief, consisting of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The issue with this model, however, is that while it does well to describe most… More »

New Iron Man Trailer

As much I find Iron Man and his glib alter ego Tony Stark to be intolerable characters, I have to admit that Jon Favreau looks to have made a decent adaptation of the source material. And with a non-stop barrage of hard rock (AC/DC, Audioslave, Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”, of course), constant alcohol… More »