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Hugh Grant drunkenly strikes out with model

A shitfaced Hugh Grant reportedly struck out with Project Runway contestant Matar Cohen Saturday night, and despite his well-documented hatred for cameras, he allowed himself to be photographed the entire time presumably in an attempt to land some model-ly poon. Celebslam reports:

“Here’s some pics I took of Hugh Grant and Matar Cohen… More »

Kanye West can break up with people, too

- Kanye West and Amber Rose are no longer a couple. Gotta admit I like this current fad better than all that Twittering shit. Can all we finally admit, as a society, that that was super gay? [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Hugh Grant kicks a paparazzo in the nuts for helping him… More »

Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant? Why not?

Because both of these two would probably have sex with a ham sandwich, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are getting friendly, according to Page Six:

According to spies, Barrymore got very excited when the Brit walked into the Waverly Inn. “She squealed and jumped in his arms,” a spy said. The two then “made… More »

Hugh Grant arrested for bean attack

Hugh Grant was arrested last night after a photographer accused him of attacking him with a container of baked beans. The photographer says Grant kicked him and verbally abused him on Tuesday morning before throwing the beans at him.

The Metropolitan Police don’t identify suspects who haven’t been charged, but said… More »

Hugh Grant is mean to the paparazzi

Hugh Grant yelled at and slapped a photographer yesterday after he took his picture in London. Photographer Bradley Case says he had just taken the picture when Hugh snapped back:

“You’re nothing but a stupid t-. If you don’t [bleep] off, I’m gonna cut your b- off.” Case says he proceeded… More »

Kate Moss loves charity

Kate Moss shared a lesbian kiss with British socialite Jemima Khan for a charity donation of $108,000. She was supposed to kiss business tycoon Philip Green after he made the winning bid at a charity auction for the Hoping Foundation For Palestinian Refugee Children, but Green declined to accept the one-minute kiss in front of… More »

Hugh Grant kicks photographer’s ass

Yesterday morning, Hugh Grant got into a small fight with a photographer while he was taking a walk in Central Park and ended up hitting him over the head with a manila folder and literally kicking his ass.

The actor, who has a reputation for being cranky when faced with flashbulbs, was checking… More »