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Michael Jackson suffers cardiac arrest

TMZ reports Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after suffering cardiac arrest. Paramedics performed CPR in the ambulance, and his mother is en route.

So let’s say, hypothetically speaking, my first and audible reaction was “Man, I hope it’s not a children’s hospital.” Does that make me a bad… More »

Josh Hartnett hospitalized

Josh Hartnett was hospitalized early this morning after suffering abdominal pain, according to E! News:

Hartnett was out Sunday at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont when he began “suffering from a flare of a gastrointestinal problem that plagued him while he was starring in the West End of London during the production of Rain Man,” says… More »

Patrick Swayze puts pneumonia in the corner

Patrick Swayze has been released from the hospital after battling pneumonia the past week. People reports:

“I am happy to announce that Patrick Swayze is home after a brief hospitalization for pneumonia,” his rep Annett Wolf tells PEOPLE exclusively.
Swayze, 56, checked himself into the hospital for observation on Jan. 9 after revealing he… More »

Patrick Swayze kicking pneumonia’s ass

Patrick Swayze has enough on his plate battling pancreatic cancer, but he hit a bump last week when he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Given only a few weeks to live at the beginning of last year, the amazingly resilient Swayze wasn’t about to let some bitchass pneumonia take him out. Us Magazine reports:

Cancer-stricken… More »

UPDATE: Britney Spears’ son rushed to hospital

Britney Spears’ two-year-old son Jayden (above) was rushed to a Mississippi ER yesterday after reportedly suffering a seizure. Britney had just arrived in Louisiana on Friday to celebrate the holiday with her family marking the first time she was allowed to take the boys out of the state since Kevin Federline gained primary custody. That… More »

Janet Jackson hospitalized – and I know why!

Janet Jackson was rushed to the hospital last night when she “got suddenly ill” before her concert in Montreal, according to the AP. No information was given on her condition, but Janet’s already rescheduling the show so it can’t be too serious. Of course, I already knew that having read this item from… More »

Travis Barker released from hospital

Plane-crash survivor Travis Barker was discharged from the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Georgia today well ahead of the two-week mark given by Jermaine Dupri on Friday. DJ AM, who also escaped the crash with Travis, was released Friday. People reports:

“Travis is in good condition and was discharged this morning,” More »

Travis Barker checking out of hospital in two weeks

Travis Barker is doing well and “feeling the love” from fans, according to his business partner Jermaine Dupri. Travis, along with DJ AM, are in the hospital after suffering severe burns when they escaped a plane crash that left four of his friends dead. People reports:

Barker’s improved spirits could be due… More »

Travis Barker & DJ AM expected to make ‘full recovery’ after surviving plane crash

For the few of you who haven’t heard, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM were the sole survivors of a plane crash Saturday in South Carolina that left four people dead. The two had just performed at a free concert (above) near the University of South Carolina with Perry Farrell and Gavin DeGraw. More »

Morgan Freeman released from the hospital

Morgan Freeman was released from the hospital today. He was admitted with several broken bones after flipping his car late Sunday night. People reports:

“I left the hospital today just after 12 noon, Memphis time,” Freeman said in a statement released by his rep to PEOPLE. “I’m doing very well. I feel… More »

Morgan Freeman in ‘good spirits’ despite several broken bones

Morgan Freeman is surprisingly jovial after being pulled out of his car by the jaws of life late Sunday night. He’s scheduled to undergo surgery for several broken bones, but is quoted as saying “Pfft. Car crashes are pussy shit.” Okay, he didn’t really say that, but I like to imagine he did… More »

Morgan Freeman hospitalized after car crash

Apparently it’s Sobering News Day on The Superficial. Morgan Freeman was seriously injured in an accident late last night and is in serious condition at a Mississippi hospital. His car flipped several times after veering off the highway and rescue workers needed to use the jaws of life to get the 71-year-old actor… More »

Mitch Winehouse: ‘I’ll catch whoever slipped Ecstacy in Amy’s drink!’

Turns out Amy Winehouse’s trip to the ER Monday night wasn’t because of a reaction her medication. Her father Mitch is pretty adamant that someone slipped Ecstasy in Amy’s drink and has even contacted the fuzz, according to The Sun:

A source said after Rehab star Amy was discharged yesterday: “Mitch is… More »

Amy Winehouse hospitalized again, had a ‘reaction’ to her medication (Read: Crack + Methadone do not a good sandwich make.)

Amy Winehouse was hospitalized last night after she apparently had a “reaction” to medication she’s taking as part of an anti-drug regimen. Amy had collapsed at her apartment and her dad Mitch called paramedics telling them “She’s fucked up, she’s fucked up.” But, in defiance of all logic and reason, she’s somehow doing fine and… More »

Amy Winehouse’s doctors encouraged her to perform (What could go wrong?)

After trying to elbow the entire audience in the face at Glastonbury, Amy Winehouse was immediately helicoptered to The London Clinic which she promptly checked out of within 24 hours. Doctors had initially thought allowing Amy to perform would have a positive effect, but, clearly, they lack the knowledge and insight of her crackhead friend… More »

Amy Winehouse doesn’t really have emphysema (Yay?)

Okay, remember when Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch said she has emphysema and was going to die? Well, he might have embellished things a bit. Turns out Amy has “low level signs” of the disease. But it’s technically not emphysema and the damage is reversible – if she quits smoking. So, perhaps Mitch was… More »

Amy Winehouse has emphysema

Amy Winehouse, at the age of 24, is already showing early signs of emphysema, according to her father Mitch Winehouse. She’s still in the hospital after collapsing last Monday and has been subjected to numerous tests. Mitch informed the Sunday Mirror that Amy’s continued crack smoking will force her to require an oxygen… More »

Amy Winehouse thought to have tuberculosis (Neat.)

Doctors believed Amy Winehouse was suffering from tuberculosis after she fainted in her home on Monday, but it turns out she’s just got a really bad chest infection and also an irregular heartbeat. Hmm, I wonder what could’ve caused these things. If only there was some clear cut, bright as day answer to why Amy… More »

Amy Winehouse taken to hospital after collapsing at home

Amy Winehouse collapsed in her home today while “doing admin” (Read: A high-top sneaker stuffed with blow.) when she suffered a fainting spell and was caught by her assistant. She quickly recovered and is resting at a private hospital for precautionary measures, according to BBC News:

Her manager’s assistant was able to stop her… More »

Steve-O on 5250 hold but has Internet? Sure, why not?

Steve-O was admittedly on a 5150 hold at Cedars-Sinai which has been extended to a 5250 14-day hold. The reason? I’ll let Steve-O explain to you himself via his blog which he somehow managed to update last night:

“They call it “code 5150,” that means “psycho,” legally, fuckin bat-shit, certifiably. I’m outta… More »

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