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Demi Moore Hospitalized For ‘Exhaustion’ And Yes, Exhaustion Means Drugs

For those of you wondering how Demi Moore’s holding up after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, not fucking well. TMZ reports she was hospitalized last night for substance abuse which her reps are actually trying to spin as “exhaustion” because no one hears that and goes, “So drugs, right? It’s drugs.” Never happens. Anyway, RadarOnlineMore »

Donald Trump: ‘Bret Michaels is gonna die’

Donald Trump informed TMZ this morning that Bret Michaels is in “big, big trouble and the prognosis is not great.”

Michaels is a contestant on this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” and, ironically, Trump says Michaels’ scrappiness is the best thing he has going for him.
As Trump put it, “He turns out to be… More »

UPDATE: Bret Michaels is getting his ass kicked

After just recovering from an emergency appendectomy, Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital last night after experiencing severe headaches. Turns out he suffered a brain hemorrhage and is now listed in critical condition. TMZ reports:

According to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, people who don’t receive proper medical treatment after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage… More »

Lindsay Lohan texted her dad in the hospital

Michael Lohan claims Lindsay sent him a text after learning he suffered a heart attack yesterday, according to RadarOnline:

“I got a text message from Lindsay which read: ‘OMG. Hope you are okay’ and my other kids have all been in contact with me too.
“My girlfriend Kate Major slept here with me… More »

Michael Lohan had a heart attack

Lindsay Lohan’s dad apparently suffered a heart attack Tuesday afternoon, according to TMZ:

Michael Lohan was taken to a hospital in New York after suffering chest pains that radiated to his arms. Kate says an EKG showed evidence of a heart attack.
Kate says Michael is at St. Francis Hospital in Manhasset. She… More »

UPDATE: Gary Coleman could be our next celebrity death

Gary Coleman was rushed to the hospital this morning, according to TMZ:

We’re told Coleman was transported at 8:03 AM from Custom Hotel in Los Angeles where he was staying.
His rep is still trying to confirm what happened — but people who were with Coleman told the rep there were signs… More »

David Hasselhoff’s entire family has a drinking problem

Depending on where you got your gossip in my absence, David Hasselhoff was either hospitalized for a seizure or put on psychological hold for the weekend. Regardless it’s pretty much a given he drank an entire replica of KITT filled with bourbon then lost consciousness. On top of that, his ex-wife Pamela Bach managed… More »

David Hasselhoff adds pants-pissing, doctor-punching to his drunken resume

David Hasselhoff managed to drink himself into the hospital again. This time in London which is an almost superhuman feat considering those people drink 20 pints of ale for breakfast. The Sun reports:

The bender began at the weekend when the US actor joined about 400 A-listers at X Factor supremo Simon… More »

UPDATE: David Hasselhoff vs. Alcohol Poisoning: Round 587!

As legitimate actors with careers attended the Emmy Awards, David Hasselhoff kept it real by sitting at home chugging vodka like it was the goddamn antidote. Unfortunately for him, it ended up being the antidote to not going to the hospital with alcohol poisoning for the 35th time. RadarOnline reports:

Hasselhoff was home… More »

Mischa Barton’s 5150 saved her job

Mischa Barton’s 5150 hold was reportedly the result of a suicide attempt after being told she was fired from the upcoming CW drama The Beautiful Life, according to E! News:

Also, the insider asserts, the attempt may have coincided with Mischa’s bosses at the CW’s The Beautiful Life deciding they no longer desired… More »

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