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Elin Woods is ‘100%’ filing for divorce

While Elin Woods packs up the kids to ditch Tiger for the holidays, presumably so he’ll leave whore DNA on the coffee table, sources say their divorce is “100 percent on.” ABC News reports:

According to Coyne, Nordegren is “shopping around” for a divorce attorney. People Magazine reported Nordegren would be going to… More »

Two Tiger Woods mistresses confirmed as escorts

Las Vegas madam Michelle Braun has confirmed that two of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses worked for her escort service with she claims was “purely for introduction.” E! News reports:

Two of those former employees, Braun claims, were porn actress Holly Sampson and onetime Trashy Lingerie model Jamie Jungers, whose names came up this… More »

The Whores Are Talking: Holly Sampson bragged about banging Tiger in May

Porn star Holly Sampson was reportedly bragging about having sex with Tiger Woods back in May 2009, according to SPORTSbyBROOKS:

Sampson: “I f— Tiger Woods. … Me and my girlfriends did a bachelor party for Tiger and it was amazing. And then he (Woods) picked me to go in the room. I have… More »

Tiger Woods made love children and sex tapes. Of course.

Based on his new hobby of banging 800 cocktail waitresses and porn stars without a condom, it was inevitable Tiger Woods would be caught on tape not only doing one but fertilizing her eggs with his magic golf sperm. The National Enquirer reports:

“That would be the final straw for his wife -… More »

Tiger Woods didn’t use a condom with this

Seen here in an undated photo that’s already making me itch, Tiger Woods mistress Jaime Grubbs claims the golfer never used a condom when they had sex, according to Us Magazine:

“He didn’t use a condom,” says Grubbs, who adds that Woods also didn’t ask if she was on birth control, either. “It… More »

The Tiger Woods Ho Count reaches 9

Thanks to porn star, and freakish Elin Woods lookalike, Holly Sampson, the amount of women Tiger Woods had Ambien-fueled sex with is officially one attention-seeking-whore away from breaking into the double digits, according to Us Magazine. I wonder if these ladies were the back or the front nine. HA! Get it? Because he plays… More »