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And Now Back To Mons Pubis

It got a little bit nerdy and a little bit teary-eyed up in here, so here’s Hofit Golan flashing her mons pubis in Paris yesterday which people with mon pubis (mon pubii?) tell me is the new underboob. A fact I went ahead and believed because I’ve been referring to everything from the belly butto…

The Superficial / February 27, 2014

We Found The Golddigger Mecca

Italian entrepreneur/black diamond specialist/guy who really loves 80s sunglasses Fawaz Gruosi celebrated his 60th birthday last night at The Billionaire Club in Sardinia which apparently sent out a goddamn clarion call to every golddigger on the planet because, Christ, was this thing stacked. Legend has it some of them even stopped spending rich dudes’ money…

The Superficial / August 9, 2012