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Hilary Swank in a Bikini. Did Not See That Coming…

Apparently it's Random Celebrities in Swimwear Week, because here's Hilary Swank vacationing in Hawaii yesterday which I honestly would've never predicted if someone gave me a Ouija board and made me spend the night in an Indian graveyard. INDIAN GHOST: OooOooOOooh! Hilary Swank will be in a bikini tomorrow. ME: Ha! Good one.
By: The Superficial / August 13, 2010

OSCARS: Hilary Swank was there?

Just a heads up, if I sound a little crotchety this morning, it's because I sat through the entire ABC broadcast of the Oscars and will never get that time back. Granted, I've blacked out drunk for longer periods of time, at least there were memories other people told me about…
By: The Superficial / March 8, 2010

Hilary Swank bikini pictures

Hilary Swank was spotted at the hotel Regina in Italy with her agent boyfriend John Campisi, who she's been quietly dating since late last year after divorcing her husband, actor Chad Lowe. It's tough to comment on Hilary Swank in a bikini since she's never been seen as a sex symbol. Heck, after Boys Don't…
By: Superficial / July 10, 2007