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Rita Ora’s Boobs Are Here To Help

Rita Ora’s boobs are a lighthouse in the storm.

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Hilary Duff Is Banging Her Trainer, I’m Gonna Need A Minute

Hilary Duff went on a date with her trainer. That’s… that’s great. That’s really, really great. Can you excuse me?

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Hilary Duff Is In A Bikini

Hilary Duff bikini photos? Prepare for a healthy and not at all concerning response. AHAHA!

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Those Are Hilary Duff’s Nipples

Hilary Duff’s nipples aren’t a bleak dystopian future.

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Yup, Those Are Hilary Duff’s Boobs, Hold My Calls

Hilary Duff’s boobs are out. You might want to stand back.

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It’s The Hilary Duff Bikini Photos

Hilary Duff in a bikini? This is gonna get weird.

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Hilary Duff Rejected By Seven Men

Hilary Duff got rejected by seven guys on a call-in dating show in Australia. That sound you just heard is Fish hollowing out a dingo.

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Hilary Duff’s Butt Made A Music Video About Her Tinder Dates

Hilary Duff made a music video about going on dates with men who aren’t me, and no, I did not look into a mirror and growl, “Vengeance is MINE.” You imagined that. …

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Hilary Duff’s Tinder Profile Is Real, I’m Not To Be Disturbed

Hilary Duff confirms she joined Tinder and is talking to nine guys who will all die by my hand.

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It’s Hilary Duff In A Bikini

Uncensored paparazzi photos of Hilary Duff in the bikini she wore in her Instagram photo.

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Hilary Duff Meant To Send This Privately, This Is Just For Me

Hilary Duff poses in a bikini on Instagram even though I specifically said to DM me. Haha, women. Amirite?

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Good God, Hilary Duff’s ‘Cosmo’ Cover

Hilary Duff’s cleavage posed for the cover of ‘Cosmo.’ Hold my calls.

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Hilary Duff finally filed for divorce from Mike Comrie. *takes hit of Binaca* Let’s do this.

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The Golden Globes After Parties We Missed

And to conclude our coverage of the Golden Globes, here are a bunch of celebrities at 18 different after parties celebrating themselves for starring in a three-hour long national broadcast celebrating themselves because they truly are our unsung heroes. Would it kill everybody to stop and talk about them more? They work totes hard.

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Aaron Carter already made shit creepy enough by expressing his undying love for Hilary Duff on Twitter which he did back off on after she told Buzzfeed that it’s weirding her out. Except here he is with a new Instagram pic of himself watching an old episode of Lizzie McQuire because helping your girl lock…

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Help Me, Hilary Duff’s Butt In Tight Jeans, You’re My Only Hope

Here’s Hilary Duff’s butt in tight jeans on the set of Good Morning America yesterday where nobody talked about putting their child’s penis in their mouth, so I’m just going to sit here for a while hugging my monitor and quietly weeping until her ass consumes my every thought and I’m back to normal again.

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Hey, Aaron Carter, Stop Creeping Out My Girlfriend Hilary Duff

Shortly after Hilary Duff separated from Mike Comrie, the proto-Bieber turned freakishly jacked opportunist Aaron Carter professed his undying love for his long lost ex on Twitter which she’s avoided talking about until now. And, surprise, it creeps her right the fuck out. Buzzfeed reports:

And then we asked the big question: “Aaron

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The ‘Hilary Duff’ Fappening Pics Are A Sick, Twisted Mind Game. I Have Feelings, Dammit!

UPDATE: Here’s the official denial and legal threats, in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious the pics are fake.

So several of you have written in to alert me about new The Fappening (NSFW) pics that are supposedly of Hilary Duff which is weird because it’s not like I’m obsessed with her or anything.

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