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Heidi & Spencer Still Walk Among Us

Heidi and Spencer live. Where is your god now? More »

Heidi Montag’s Dad Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A Child, Incest

Heidi Montag‘s dad Bill Montag has reportedly been arrested for the sexual abuse of a child and incest. Yeah… More »

Heidi Montag: ‘Amanda Bynes Can Live With Me!’

After TMZ posted photos of Amanda Bynes sleeping inside a mall because she’s essentially homeless now, Heidi Montag has graciously shoved her breasts into the press again and offered Amanda a place to stay. But if Heidi somehow thinks that’s going to make the Internet start posting photos of her giant fake breasts again, she’s… More »

Heidi Montag Didn’t Biodegrade Yet

It’s been almost a year since Heidi Montag’s been on the site, so here she is at Crazy Horse for Spencer Pratt’s 30th birthday because apparently these two are still a draw in Vegas. Which really says all you need to know about anyone who goes there doesn’t it? “Oh, look, honey, it’s those people… More »

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Are Engaged. Again.

“I knew you’d fly back to me, Amelia Earhart.”

The last time Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris got engaged, she ditched him five days before the wedding, hocked her ring then went on Howard Stern and told everyone Hugh’s a never-nude that ejaculates at the drop of a wooden nickel. So how you… More »

Heidi Montag’s Doing Bikini Photos Again

Unlike Lady GaGa, former reality star turned most pointless stripper ever Heidi Montag was manufactured from the best polymers every single dime of her MTV money could buy, so she belongs in a bikini which is really her only purpose in life now until she’s eventually recycled into a snow shovel that I’ll purchase in… More »

Heidi Montag Showed Up For Her Strip Club Gig

Because her and Douchebeard blew all their Hills money on crystals and back scoops, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt live in his parents house now while he gets his degree in political science. (No, really.) So here she is hosting at Crazy Horse III in Vegas over the weekend because while we may not get… More »

Heidi Montag’s A Stripper Now (Basically)

Heidi Montag’s getting and closer closer to me finally being able to purchase her for the price of a mid-size SUV (Anyone know if her extended warranty covers battery replacement or just routine breast inflation?) because apparently she’s making strip club appearances now for less than what it cost for her left tit. TMZ reports:… More »

Heidi Montag’s Still Alive

And this is why future sex robots should be biodegradable. How many times do I have say it?

The last time Heidi Montag was on the site it was September 2011, although some of us will always believe in our hearts that she never really left us. Anyway, here she is making a… More »

The Collection of Parts Known as Heidi Montag Got Drunk

Heidi Montag celebrated her [Insert number of years since her manufacture here.] birthday in Vegas over the weekend where she demonstrated the latest feature in top of the line sex-dollery: Life-Like Drunkeness (Now With More Sloppy Bedwetting). On that note, I love this photo of her and Spencer which really captures a day in the… More »

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