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Guys, I Found Where Hilary Duff’s Birth Weight Went

But, seriously, Haylie Duff’s pregnant, right? These are photos of a pregnant woman. Yeah, she’s pregnant.

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Hilary Duff Should’ve Never Gotten Pregnant

There are some women whose bodies never fully recover from pregnancy and apparently Hilary Duff is one of them because here she is over the weekend somehow looking larger than she did after giving birth back in March. Which is amazing because she started immediately leaving her kid at home with a nanny while she… More »

Elle Macpherson’s still got it and other news

- Victoria Beckham goes overkill on the bronzer for her first day on American Idol. Even George Hamilton went “Are you kidding me?” then instructed his wife to tan him with a flamethrower. True story. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brad Pitt is not running for mayor of New Orleans. He is, however, running for… More »

Hilary Duff’s dad gets 10 days in jail

Hilary Duff’s father Bob Duff was sentenced to 10 days in jail yesterday during a trial over, I shit you not, who will pay for Hilary’s 21st birthday. (He was sentenced for failing to report the sale of assets, not for the birthday party.) Apparently, Hilary’s mother Susan wants to make sure Hilary gets just… More »

Haylie Duff and Kristin Cavallari are very famous

Haylie Duff and Kristin Cavallari were spotted partying together in South Beach on Wednesday. I’m guessing it was an annual convention for almost-celebrities or something. They probably sat in a circle and took turns telling each other about how they were almost recognized at Arby’s, but turns out it was just the cashier… More »