Harry Styles

Lindsay Lohan Says Harry Styles Tried To Bang Her

Lindsay Lohan claims she turned down Harry Styles for sex. Riiight. More »

Taylor Swift Snubbed Kendall Jenner’s Birthday Because Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Is Petty And Vindictive? Whatever Do You Mean?

To put this as politely as I can, Taylor Swift was kind of a huge cunt at the VMAs last night which started with her clearly mouthing the words “shut the fuck up” to Selena Gomez (below) while Harry Styles and One Direction presented the award for Best Pop Video, and then continued not even… More »

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Performance Was Aimed At Harry Styles. Of Course.

Taylor Swift performed at the Grammys last night where, to the surprise of absolutely no one, she might as well have opened “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by saying, “This is dedicated to Harry Styles of One Direction because Harry Styles dumped me, Taylor Swift, and I will never shut up about that… More »

Taylor Swift Got Dumped Again

Let’s get this out of the way, so we can move on to more important topics like celebrity weathermen pooping themselves. After barely two months of dating, One Direction’s Harry Styles has already kicked Taylor Swift to the curb, according to Page Six. And while this is the part where I’d ask what the hell… More »