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Tyga Sent Dick Pic To Transgender Woman Who Isn’t Kylie Jenner

Tyga allegedly sent a dick pic to transgender model Mia Isabella who is not his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. … More »

Kendra’s Breasts Aren’t Wearing A Wedding Ring

Yesterday, because we’re in the middle of the whiz-bang, non-stop action vortex of the days before a holiday weekend, I posted about Kendra Wilkinson flushing her wedding ring down the toilet because it was given to her by a man who swore solemn vows of faithfulness only to turn around and give a transsexual $500… More »

Kendra Wilkinson’s Moving Out

Considering her husband hasn’t issued any sort of denial whatsoever about his alleged affair with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that moving trucks were outside Kendra Wilkinson’s house, and she supposedly flushed her wedding ring down the toilet, according to Us Weekly:

Once Wilkinson discovered an… More »

So Hank Baskett Gave His Transsexual Mistress A Handjob ‘Allegedly’

Yesterday, word got out that Hank Baskett allegedly cheated on Kendra Wilkinson with transsexual model Ava London. And for those of you wondering if Hank knew his lover used to be a man – besides, I dunno, looking right at him/her – turns out he definitely knew and make that a used to be a… More »

Hank Baskett Allegedly Cheated On Kendra Wilkinson With A Tranny

Trigger Warning: Penis into vagina that used to be a penis talk.

According to Radar, Hank Baskett allegedly cheated on Kendra Wilkinson – while she was eight months pregnant, by the way – with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London and checked into a hotel on Friday presumably because Kendra found out. Which makes… More »

Kendra Wilkinson & Kate Gosselin Are Your First ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

If you’ve ever seen Wife Swap, put a gun in your mouth and welcome death’s sweet embrace for this life can no longer comfort you now. If you haven’t, it’s a show about couples swapping wives for two weeks that ABC has now expanded to celebrities including ones that aren’t even married because the first… More »

Yup, That’s Kendra’s Butt And Other News

- Lady GaGa is kind of a dick. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brandi Glanville used to joke that Eddie Cibrian raped her the first night they met. Ahahahaha! [Dlisted]

- Girls With Future Lower Back Problems will make it all better. [theCHIVE]

- The Super Bowl Blackout Conspiracy Narrative ThatMore »

Good Morning, Kendra Wilkinson, And Other News

- Anne Hathaway got married this weekend, so here’s Michael K. getting it up way more for this than I ever possibly could. [Dlisted]

- Kristen Stewart just dethroned Pippa Middleton as most searched for celebrity in her own country. [Lainey Gossip]

– The lower back problems are strong with this… More »

Kendra Wilkinson Understands Marketing

Unlike other reality stars, Kendra Wilkinson doesn’t put on airs about being a struggling entrepreneur looking for love or pretend she’s not an Armenian fuckbag whose giant ass trampolined her entire family – even the Wookiee one – onto TV. Instead, she embraces the fact that she’s only famous for having huge, fake tits and… More »

Kendra Wilkinson is a Brave Woman

[DISCLAIMER: This post is not about a miscarriage. — But you’ll wish it was.]

Kendra Wilkinson is living a nightmare, you guys. Not only does she have to live alone in LA in a mansion her football player husband pays for because she refuses to move to Minnesota, now she doesn’t even have… More »

Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband ‘Proud’ of Her Playboy Cover

Seen here promoting her new health supplement “Ab Cuts” despite the fact she refuses to show the current state of her own, Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett is apparently “so proud” of her Playboy cover even though it’s an airbrushed photo from over two years ago and in no way represents her current form. UsMore »

Kendra is a ‘Single Mom,’ You Guys

To all you single moms out there looking for a sympathetic ear, Kendra Wilkinson wants you to know she’s just like you once you look past the millions of dollars, nannies and still being happily married to a professional football player. Never mind all that. Via Life & Style:

Not having Hank around… More »

Kendra Wilkinson Turned Down Playboy? Hold Up…

If you haven’t figured out already, it’s Porn Star Day here on The Superficial.

Kendra Wilkinson apparently turned down a Playboy shoot recently after her husband Hank Baskett found out about it and made her realize she was doing it for the wrong reason: Proving to everyone she’s still “sexy” which I could’ve… More »

Hank Baskett Might Be Cheating on Kendra

Just in time for the release of her book “Sliding into Home,” Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett has reportedly been caught cheating with strippers on the side. Apparently that didn’t bother Kendra yesterday because she seemed to be the exact opposite of wanting to Elin Woods him in the face during her book tour stop… More »

Kendra’s sex tape won’t ruin her marriage? GTFO.

When news first broke that Kendra Wilkinson had a sex tape, her people tried to spin the narrative that it caught her completely by surprise except she’d secretly been brokering the thing for two years. Then the narrative switched to the tape ruining her marriage except, surprise, Hank Baskett knew the whole damn time. More »

Kendra Wilkinson has a baby boy

Former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to baby Hank Basket IV, according to OK! Magazine:

The bouncing baby was delivered via C-section at 12:37a.m. on Dec. 11 in a hospital near Indianapolis, Indiana, where the elder Hank plays wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts. Hank IV weighed in at 9 lbs.,… More »

Kendra Wilkinson’s husband cut from the Eagles

Add getting a father-to-be fired to Michael Vick’s list of offenses. The Philadelphia Eagles have cut Kendra Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett just months before the two are due to have a baby boy. Us Magazine reports:

The Philadelphia Eagles released the star receiver, 27, to make room for Michael Vick on the team’s… More »

Kendra Wilkinson is having a boy

Kendra Wilkinson let the sex of her baby slip to E! News while shopping for newborn clothes Friday, and it looks like it’s going to be a boy. Which shouldn’t cause any awkward moments down the road. No, not at all.

HANK JR.: Mom?
KENDRA: Yes, dear?
HANK JR.: Who’s Hugh Hefner?
More »

Kendra Wilkinson’s inflating breasts and other news

- Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince of Persia official photo looks Middle Eastern. Not counting Jake. [Lainey Gossip]

- Nick Lachey has never stopped loving Jessica Simpson. Which is why he’s going to need to bang a bunch of strippers before deciding to get back together. Because of all the love. [Celebslam]

- JimMore »

Kendra Wilkinson leaves for honeymoon

Newlyweds Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Basket were spotted at LAX Sunday as they prepared to fly to St. Lucia for their honeymoon. I love how Kendra’s shirt reads “High Maintenance Bride.” Because what’s more attractive then a woman who lets you know she’s going to be an unbelievable bitch that you can’t escape without… More »

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