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Of Course, Lindsay Lohan Was Harley Quinn, Of Course

Lindsay Lohan is no Margot Robbie. More »

So Deadpool’s Over. No More Deadpool.

RIP Deadpool 2016 – 2016. More »

Heidi Klum Cloned Herself, We’re All Gonna Die

This was Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume this year. Yay? More »

Everyone Else Who Dressed Their Boobs Up For Halloween

It was Halloween, so there were boobs. Here are those boobs. More »

This Karen Carpenter Cosplay Has No Chill

Wow, the details on Tara Reid’s rapidly decomposing stripper costume are amazing. More »

Kylie Jenner Was Christina Aguilera For Halloween

Kylie Jenner got dirty for Halloween. I’ll see myself out. More »

So Hilary Duff Is In Some Shit

I just have one thing to say to Hilary Duff: How? (Too soon?) More »

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