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Jon Gosselin Extorted Money From Kate

“You may call me, The Blobfather.”

According to his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin reportedly extorted money from Kate Gosselin numerous times by threatening to report her to child protective services for allegedly yanking on Mady’s arm. (I just assumed for exposing the kids to her tits in public. But what do I… More »

I don’t get it.

Here’s Hailey Glassman on the cover of Steppin’ Out which is apparently a magazine by and for chicks too hookery for Jersey Shore. That said, I’m genuinely surprised Jon Gosselin didn’t let Hailey near his kids. She’s practically a life lesson that will steal your wallet once you’re asleep. Try learning that in your… More »

Jon Gosselin: Spiritual Journeyman

Jon Gosselin is using the oldest trick in the book to cover up his ATV-banging ways: Finding religion. He spent Sunday evening with Rabbi Schmuley of Oprah fame and opened up about his transgressions and his new found lease on life. Via People:

On his celebrity status:
“I think I’m just misunderstood. I’m… More »

Jon Gosselin dumped Hailey Glassman

Because there’s never a shortage of mediocre trim in America (Thanks, fast food!), Jon Gosselin has parted ways with Hailey Glassman who, in one last act of submission, participated in a carefully planned publicity campaign to make Jon look like he’s going on a deep, spiritual quest. People reports:

Still, a source… More »

Hailey Glassman: ‘Jon Gosselin acts like a dick to me’

Hailey Glassman appeared on The Insider yesterday where she revealed Jon Gosselin has anger issues and basically treats her like shit. But how do you leave all that handsome? Via PopEater:

“He’ll call me and take his anger out on me. He has ‘mantrums.’ I shouldn’t have to put up with being… More »

Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman are your new Heidi & Spencer

Considering TLC is suing Jon Gosselin up the anus, it’s no surprise he spent the weekend with Hailey Glassman mugging for the paparazzi to make some extra money. Now, I don’t know what’s sadder: that somebody’s actually using Heidi & Spencer as a business model, or that these shots almost make me miss Fleshbeard… More »

Hailey Glassman still with Jon Gosselin – and she’s meeting the kids!

Looks like reports that Hailey Glassman bailed on her rotund knight in ATV armor were false because RadarOnline not only snagged pics of them together yesterday (above), but has word that Jon is introducing Hailey to the kids despite Kate’s objections:

Kate thinks it’s too soon for the kids to be introduced… More »

Hailey Glassman dumps Jon Gosselin

Because she’s clearly a high caliber woman who deserves respect, Hailey Glassman has reportedly given Jon Gosselin the boot and his Vegas pool party was the final straw, according to In Touch:

“When Jon came back, he said very little to Hailey, but his phone spilled the details,” the friend tells In Touch. More »

Kate Major: ‘Jon Gosselin wooed me with his ATV. Then I banged him.’

Clocking in at minute 14:59:55, Kate Major tells Life & Style she was in a sexual relationship with Jon Gosselin who she claims acted like “a dirtbag” and was shady as hell:

On their first night together:
“Jon never wanted to use his credit card — he was worried that he’d get… More »

Hailey Glassman: ‘TLC is The Lying Channel’

Since appearing in France with Jon Gosselin two weeks after Kate filed for divorce, Hailey Glassman says she’s been the “sacrificial lamb” in this whole debacle. But in an interview with E! News she sets the record straight on TLC, Kate Major and rumors Jon is sleeping with his nanny which ended in… More »

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