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Why is Madonna Holding a Bag of Drugs?

Here’s Madonna leaving the set of her new movie W.E. in London last night where she was spotted clutching a mysterious plastic bag Lindsay Lohan-style. Maybe she’s seen Guy Ritchie’s younger, more youthful girlfriend who’s not 100 years old and has turned to a life of drugs, or this is all just a misunderstanding and… More »

Guy Ritchie: ‘Madonna is retarded’

In an interview with Esquire’s Tom Chiarrella, Guy Ritchie decides to ignore the fact his ex-wife is fused with ancient powers and bluntly insults her intelligence:

“She’s a manifester, if there ever was one,” he says. “First-rate manifester. Madonna makes things happen. Put Madonna up against any twenty-three-year-old, she’ll outwork them, outdance… More »

Madonna nude painting is… I don’t even know

Here’s a nude portrait of Madonna and Guy Ritchie painted in 2005 that goes up for auction on Saturday in Scotland. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume the artist is blind, so no one had the heart to tell him: A.) He was supposed to paint Madonna not Britney… More »

Katie Holmes smiling? What the…

- Katie Holmes allowed in public without Tom?! Somewhere he just uppercut a cockroach. After getting a stool and jumping really high that is. [Just Jared]

- Kathleen Turner or Britney Spears in 15 years? Not even they know. [Celebslam]

- Guy Ritchie is a big fan of the Jesus/Madonna relationship. Better his… More »

Geri Halliwell & Guy Ritchie?

A newly single Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice) dolled herself up for the UK premiere of The Boat that Rocked last night then went out on the town at Guy Ritchie’s pub The Punchbowl. The two reportedly left within ten minutes of each other, according to The Sun which is awesome in my book. After… More »

Madonna makes no f-cking sense

Madonna is denying reports that she paid Guy Ritchie a $76 million divorce settlement. The two issued a joint statement this morning refuting yesterday’s highly publicized reports of their settlement, according to People:

“We have tried to maintain a dignified silence regarding the details of our divorce for the last few months whilst accepting… More »

Madonna gives Guy Ritchie huge chunk of money out of spite

Despite claims that Guy Ritchie will walk away from his divorce with none of Madonna’s money, he is reportedly getting a $64 million payoff to let her keep their London home and sign away any claims to her $600 million fortune. News of the World reports:

But a source revealed: “He is getting one… More »

Guy Ritchie declines Madonna’s money in divorce settlement

Guy Ritchie just poured tea, biscuits and poor dental hygiene all over Madonna’s claims that he’s a gold-digger. The British director has refused to accept a penny of her money in their divorce settlement with his only concern being the living arrangement of their children. The Daily Mail reports:

Although Ritchie, himself… More »

Madonna’s children must only play with toys that are ‘spiritually and ethically sound’

Above is the set of rules Madonna sent Guy Ritchie whose sons, Rocca and David, are with him in London. Jesus Christ, does this lady have some balls. Scope out some of these demands (via The Daily Mail):

1. All water must be Kabbalah-blessed water.
2. No man-made fibers in their clothing.
3. No… More »

Madonna & A-Rod having crazy sex in Jerry Seinfeld’s mansion (I knew it!)

Jerry Seinfeld may be one of the richest entertainers alive, but apparently he’s always there for a friend. Even one who needs a private location to bang his undead mistress right after she announced her divorce. The Sun reports:

A Hamptons source said: “A-Rod arrived at the airport by helicopter and was whisked away… More »

Madonna scheduled sex with Guy Ritchie around time in the gym

Madonna is apparently so fanatical about her workout routine that she would keep a strict itinerary that determined when she had sex with Guy Ritchie. Wait. Married people have sex? That can’t be right… The Daily Mail reports:

A source close to the couple told the MailOnline last night: ‘With her time being so
More »

Gwyneth Paltrow is Madonna’s rock

Ah, Madonna’s divorce: It’s the publicity gravy train that keeps on giving. This time around it’s Gwyneth Paltrow whose drinking from the trough as she tells Us Magazine all about being Madonna’s shoulder to cry on:

“You know, she’s a dear friend, and I’m supporting her in all [the] ways that I can,” Paltrow,… More »

Madonna forking over $60 mil to Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is reportedly going to walk away from his marriage to Madonna with $60 million along with their British retreat Ashcombe and the Punchbowl pub (which he owned to begin with.) But Skeletor Barbie is going nuclear and claiming that Guy is a gold-digger, according to The Sun:

Queen of Pop Madonna, who… More »

Madonna’s divorce: It was the horse’s fault

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s marriage hit the skids in 2005 when Madonna was injured in a horse-riding accident. Apparently Guy didn’t fawn over Madonna enough which has been the crux of every single fight they’ve had since, a family friend told The Sun:

“If you can pinpoint an exact event or incident… More »

Madonna calls Guy Ritchie ‘emotionally retarded’

Madonna gave her first concert performance last night since announcing her divorce. The “Sticky & Sweet” tour continued in Boston where PythonArms DeathFace took a crack at her soon-to-be ex-husband Guy Ritchie. NY Daily News reports:

Her Madgesty dedicated the song “Miles Away,” about a couple that grows apart, to the “emotionally… More »

UPDATE: Madonna & Guy Ritchie divorcing (For real this time)

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are officially ending their marriage. They’ve prepared a public announcement and plan on having the divorce finalized before Christmas, according to The Sun:

The couple are going public with their split because they “can’t bear to live with the pretense any longer”.
They have had a string of… More »

Madonna: ‘I’m not getting a divorce like that sucker A-Rod’ (BURN!)

While A-Rod’s marriage falls apart, Madonna decided it’d be a good time to issue a statement to People letting everyone know she’s going to stick with Guy Ritchie. She also apparently decided it’d be a good time to look like the bad guy from Hellboy II. I have no idea:

My husband and I… More »

A-Rod’s wife leaves him, shacks up with Lenny Kravitz

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriquez and his wife Cynthia (above) are officially separated, according to NY Daily News. Coming off the heels of rumors that A-Rod is having an affair with Madonna, the New York Post is also reporting Cynthia was getting her own piece of strange. And, hey, what do you know? It’s freaking… More »

Madonna & Guy Ritchie hold hands in public, that must mean they’re in love

Madonna and Guy Ritchie went out for dinner last night and were spotted holding hands. Because that looks perfectly natural within the confines of a marriage. Jesus. This couldn’t look anymore staged if they were wearing “His” and “Her’s” T-shirts while paddling a canoe. Heidi and Spencer just looked at these pics and went “Pfft. More »

A-Rod visited Madonna the night after his wife gave birth

A-Rod figured he earned himself some sweet, dusty Madonna lovin’ after heroically sticking around for 24 hours after his wife gave birth, according to Us Magazine:

New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was at Madonna’s Central Park West apartment in New York City shortly after his wife gave birth to their second daughter, has… More »

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