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Kevin Smith Says Nikki Finke’s DC Comics Movie List Is ‘Completely Legit’

Like any nerd worth his mint on card penis safely sealed in a Mylar bag, Wednesdays are when I scurry down to the local comic shop to spend my hard-earned money on 32-pages of chiseled dudes in tights, and because I can, I’m dragging you down into the mud with me. – *grabs you byMore »

Gay Green Lantern Destroyed ‘Millions of Moms’

“This’ll teach those evildoers to mess with Ellen… Mmmf.. mmmfff.. that’s just my power ring.. mfff.. goes off when there’s trouble.. mmff.. no, it’s cool, someone else’ll get it.. mmmfff.. are you gonna keep asking questions, John Travolta? Because I can go.”

Despite my issues with DC Comics touting they were making one… More »

Green Lantern is Gay (In A Separate, Alternate Universe Though Just To Be Safe)

Also, he’s flaming. Literally. Subtle, DC. Very subtle…

A huge amount of online ink was spread today covering the supposedly groundbreaking news that DC Comics made Green Lantern gay which is surprising considering it’s not even Hal Jordon the well-known, mainstream version, but instead a rebooted version of the first Green Lantern, AlanMore »

Blake Lively’s Banging Ryan Reynolds

Fresh off of curbing Leonardo DiCaprio and sending him straight into the vagina of a model I’m assuming he kept in a glove box for just such an emergency, Blake Lively is apparently banging her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds now. For real this time, or at least more openly than when he was still… More »

Do You Like Movies About Turd Clouds?
A Review of ‘Green Lantern’

“Shh, shh, they only show your side-boob once.”

Welcome to the exact moment I regret promising to review the big four comic films of the summer because, power ring me in the anus, Green Lantern was bad. Granted, it’s not as completely horrific as most critics are having a field day making it… More »

Blake Lively Just Doomed ‘Green Lantern’

Blake Lively has incredible breasts. If Jesus had breasts, they’d look like Blake Lively’s. Which is why you’d assume she’d polish them up and work them for the premiere of her first summer blockbuster. Except that was before leaked photos of “not her” hit the Internet, so here’s Blake Lively dressed like a virginal bride… More »

New Blake Lively Photos Leaked

Apparently, the Nudie Hackers/Highly Advanced Publicists from the Future didn’t enjoy Blake Lively’s rep claiming the first set of nude photos are fakes, because now they’ve leaked more that are undeniably her (Or a twin she keeps in a trunk who I will gladly purchase.) holding the same exact phone, and took the liberty of… More »

The Blake Lively Nude Photos Are ‘Fake’

(Guess which person in this photo is me right before hearing the fake part.)

In what sounded like the exact M.O. of the hackers who released leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens near the premiere of Sucker Punch, nude photos of Blake Lively that just hit the Internet this evening are already being declared… More »

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Separate

After two years of marriage, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have separated, according to TMZ. No details were given except the split is amicable, so I’m going to let these photos do the talking while I curl into the fetal position under my desk and question why God continues to forsake me. Is it because… More »

Meet Your Sexiest Man Alive! (It’s Ryan Reynolds.)

In what I’m sure has nothing to do with him starring in a massive, upcoming Warner Bros. blockbuster, Ryan Reynolds has been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive! for 2010. But just to make sure this is a transparent marketing effort, I’ve included the trailer for Green Lantern which happened to conveniently appear online today, also. More »

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