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Amy Schumer Pissed Off The Beyhive Then Got Topless To Gloat About It

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John Travolta Just Wants To Sex Women So Hard, You Know?

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‘Hi, I’m Lance Armstrong. Lick My Butthole?’

Comedian April Macie stopped by Howard Stern on Monday where she recounted a tale about the time she went to a hotel party “five or six years ago” with Lance Armstrong who apparently is very open about asking women he just met to eat his anus. So right about now is where you want to… More »

Goldie Hawn Got Wasted in London and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Hillary Duff clearly shot this video six months ago. [BuzzFeed]

- Country Girl goes to Hollywood, immediately whores out. [theCHIVE]

- Steven Seagal’s reality show might be complete bullshit after all. You don’t say. [Huffington Post]

- Will Smith cheated on JadaMore »

Goldie Hawn to Kate Hudson: ‘Stop being a whore.’

Kate Hudson’s latest relationship with Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez is starting to worry her mother Goldie Hawn, according to the Daily Mail:

‘Goldie feels it’s high time Kate settled down and left the dating scene behind for a while,’ says a source.
‘Kate’s had a string of boyfriends since her divorce from Chris Robinson… More »

Goldie Hawn’s nipple not as horrifying as you might think

Here’s Goldie Hawn attending a party at the Gramercy Park Hotel and, holy crap, that’s some old lady nip. Anyone else surprisingly not offended by this? Me either. Also, I’m now 100% certain Kate Hudson is not her daughter. I’m sorry, ha ha, nice little gag there, Goldie, but it’s honesty time: You stole her… More »

Goldie Hawn at the beach

Here’s 63-year-old actress Goldie Hawn relaxing on the beach in Hawaii. Take a good look because this is Kate Hudson in about 35 years. Provided she spontaneously acquires breasts and the dedicated love of a man. – – PFFT! Ha ha ha ha! Kate Hudson; commitment. I’m hilarious.

Photos: Splash NewsMore »

Kate Hudson is hot (If you hate breasts)

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong had dinner yesterday with Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn which must’ve made Owen Wilson all kinds of jealous. He never got to meet Goldie! This blows. Why is everyone always walking out on him? Fortunately, there’s always good, old reliable heroi- Hey! Mr. Syringe, why’re you putting on your top hat… More »