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Samantha Bee & Glenn Beck Buried The Hatchet Then Ate Each Other

Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck have joined forces, so that nuclear bomb went off already didn’t it? This is what death is like. Neat. More »

The Bill Cosby Shitstorm With Special Guests Glenn Beck & Donald Trump

And now for today’s onslaught of Bill Cosby news which brings two more accusers on top of yesterday’s Therese Serignese and Lou Ferrigno’s wife Carla for a grand total of four woman in the past 24 hours and presumably more the second I hit “Publish.” But before I begin, let’s reiterate what we know about… More »

Scott Brown wants you to do these

While giving his victory speech last night, Massachusetts Senator-Elect Scott Brown felt it’d be a great opportunity to pimp his daughters by announcing they’re “available” on national television. (Have them waxed, Senator, and I’ll be there momentarily with the customary payment of goats.) Despite managing to appeal to Commie Liberals like myself, Glenn Beck… More »