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Is Your Girlfriend On ‘Glee?’ You’re Going To Die

Public safety > decorum. Sorry, folks, I have a responsibility. *goes back to searching for more butt-pee*

‘Glee’ Star Becca Tobin Boyfriend Found Dead in Philly Hotel – TMZ

Photo: InstagramMore »

Lea Michele & Ryan Murphy Banned Dianna Agron From ‘Glee’ Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

In case you were wondering if Cory Monteith’s death would make Lea Michele less of a diva cunt, the answer is no because she’s Mean Girls-ing Dianna Agron out of the Glee tribute with the help of Ryan Murphy who hates that ish, too. In related news, this is what’s holding up gay marriage more… More »

Cory Monteith’s Dead (1982 – 2013)

It’s open season on shooting black kids in Florida right now, but enough about that, let’s all feel really bad for a rich, white actor who died living a life of privilege and excess. That’s the real tragedy here. TMZ reports:

According to police in Vancouver the actor was found dead in his… More »

Good Morning, Lea Michele’s Legs, And Other News

- The time Lindsay Lohan tried to get Clint Eastwood’s daughter kicked out of a club. [Lainey Gossip]

– What was the world like before camera phones? [theCHIVE]

- Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend pulled a Kristen Stewart. [Dlisted]

– A cat getting a High Score on “Fruit Ninja.” You hate… More »

Bristol Palin Criticizes Obama On Gay Marriage, Says Kids Need Mom And A Dad. Let That Sink In.

Yesterday, President Obama fully endorsed same-sex marriage rights which, whether it was a contrived political calculation or not, still marks an historical moment when an American president has come out in support of an extremely controversial topic that of course was immediately spun as a war on Christianity and marriage, but none of that’s as… More »

Lindsay Lohan Was Late For ‘Glee.’ Of Course.

Since her mandatory probation hearings have ended, Lindsay Lohan has been a completely changed young woman, laser-focused on her career. She’s been avoiding nightclubs, staying out of trouble and taking her work as an actress very seriously by not staying out partying and showing up for work late the next morning and/or skipping rehearsals like… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Guest Starring On ‘Glee’ Now

Back in 2010, Lindsay Lohan threatened to sue Glee after Gwyneth Paltrow made a joke about Lindsay going to rehab during a cameo. Needless to say, the whole thing was retarded. Jump to today, where reports are now coming in that Lindsay is guest starring on Glee except here’s the part where I actually did… More »

Chris Brown Just Came

Here’s Glee’s Heather Morris posing for Tyler Shields which a lot of people are claiming promotes domestic violence instead of the more sensible route of just saying, “Wow, this is shitty art.” E! News reports:

“In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot and that’s… More »

Bret Easton Ellis Calls Glee a ‘Puddle of HIV,’ Ryan Murphy Freakishly Quiet

Author Bret Easton Ellis apparently decided to see how fast he could make Ryan Murphy’s head explode last night (Wow. Already with the gay metaphors.) by writing the following tweet. Via E! News:

“I like the idea of Glee but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like… More »

Gwyneth Paltrow is Probably Cheating With Matthew Morrison

Gwyneth Paltrow has always fancied herself British royalty, so it only makes sense she’s taken up adultery in recent years. Here she is trying to hide her face in just-released photos from London last week where she was out with Glee star Matthew Morrison who apparently forgot windows are transparent while attempting to hide inMore »

Dianna Agron is ‘Prudish’

Glee’s Dianna Agron reportedly broke up with her boyfriend Alex Pettyfer, star of I Am Number Four, this week over modeling photos he took with photographer Tyler Shields (above), which would make sense if they weren’t taken before they were dating. RadarOnline reports:

Shields — who is Hollywood’s hottest young photographer — has… More »

Olivia Munn is Dating That Guy From ‘Glee’ Now. Why Not?

At some point apparently Olivia Munn and Glee’s Matthew Morrison started dating, but nobody noticed because it’s, well, Olivia Munn and Glee’s Matthew Morrison. At any rate, here they are at the Garden yesterday where you can see the exact moment Matthew realized he’d been set up. (Not unlike this.) Which has to be deflating… More »

Lea Michele & Hailee Steinfeld Make Nice

After finding out she snubbed a potential Oscar winner and not a lowly peasant – In her defense Hailee Steinfeld was literally dressed like one. – Glee’s Lea Michele has been on constant damage control considering she already has a bad enough reputation as an epic cunt. So, of course, she took the time to… More »

Ryan Murphy Hates Slash, Too

If you haven’t been near the Internet in the past 24 hours Glee creator Ryan Murphy has launched a hissy fit after Kings of Leon refused to let their music appear on his show. Ryan’s prima donna behavior is, naturally, being fueled by Perez Hilton because apparently saying “no” to Glee is the equivalent of… More »

Lea Michele is Sorry

After word got out that Lea Michele snubbed potential Oscar contender Hailee Steinfeld and not some annoying kid stealing her precious oxygen, the Glee star has since apologized for the incident if throwing a production assistant under the bus counts as an apology. Popeater reports:

“I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible,” More »

Lea Michele is Kind of a C-Word

For someone with the face of Jimmy Durante, Lea Michele has been accused of diva antics on the set of Glee so many times I’ve never once posted about them. While you take a moment to absorb the sheer gravity of that statement, here’s an anecdote from True Grit actress, and potential Oscar contender, HaileeMore »

Gwyneth Paltrow Returning to ‘Glee’

In what has to be a kick to the eight balls for Lindsay Lohan – I hate myself for writing that. – Gywneth Paltrow will star in another episode of Glee, according to Us Magazine:

While there’s no word yet on when Paltrow will film her episode or when it will air, it’s… More »

Lindsay Lohan Thought Gwyneth Paltrow Was Her Friend

Seen here together in 2005 – Yes, those were legal at the time. – Lindsay Lohan is apparently still mad at Gwyneth Paltrow for making fun of her in an episode of Glee. At least according to Dina Lohan, who you can tell is cut off because she’s still using a month-old story to wedge… More »

Dina Lohan Wants to Sue ‘Glee’

Despite the fact this is the kind of shit that has finally turned her daughter against her, Dina Lohan is shoving her gin funnel in the press again after Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher on Glee who used a creative method to reach her students. Gossip Cop reports:

In the scene, Paltrow’s… More »

Those Glee GQ Photos Have a Video Now and Other News

- Miley Cyrus caused her parents’ divorce. [Popeater]

- Jake Gyllenhaal went to see Harry Potter without Taylor Swift. [Dlisted]

- Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman having lesbian sex is almost here. [Lainey Gossip]

- Halle Berry almost lost her daughter in a department store until she remembered she… More »

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