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Kathy Griffin Quit ‘Fashion Police’

Kathy Griffin just quit ‘Fashion Police’ after throwing Giuliana Rancic under the bus not even 24 hours earlier. More »

Kathy Griffin Threw Giuliana Rancic Right Under The Bus

Kathy Griffin throws Giuliana Rancic under the bus over the Zendaya ‘Fashion Police’ incident bullshit thing. More »

Kelly Osbourne Quit ‘Fashion Police’

Kelly Osbourne quit ‘Fashion Police’ over whatever that Zendaya business was. I’m just going to steer the whole post towards butt photos anyway. More »

Everybody Hates Ariana Grande

“Oh, yeah, I like this.” – Someone with a probation officer

Earlier in the week, Ariana Grande was accused of being a 12-year-old (Shut up, that girl is 12. SHE’S 12!) pain in the ass diva in Australia which she naturally denied. Except here comes Giuliani Rancic with her own tale of dealing… More »

Giuliana Rancic Trolled LeAnn Rimes Like A Harp From Wherever People Don’t Eat

While most of us recognize LeAnn Rimes’s Holocaustiesque frame as the prime example of perfect health, Giuliana Rancic decided to get her name out there in the easiest way possible by publicly saying LeAnn looks too skinny. It’s practically the new conveniently-leaked sex tape. Via The Huffington Post:

“She lost a lot of… More »