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It’s Tom Brady Naked

Tom Brady naked and uncensored? We’re a classy operation. More »

Tom Brady Just Beat The NFL And It Only Cost Him His Marriage

Ben Affleck Let The Nanny Meet Tom Brady, Is An Idiot

Ben Affleck brought the nanny on a private jet with Tom Brady. How did he think that would play out? More »

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Photos And Other News

- Joaquin Phoenix playing Doctor Strange is almost a done deal. [Lainey Gossip]

- Whoopi Goldberg defended Roman Polanski, so why not Stephen A. Smith? [Dlisted]

- Leanna Decker is a redhead with big breasts, why we’re alive. [theCHIVE]

- Lana Del Rey is a giant hypocrite. [Fishwrapper]
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The 2014 MET Gala: Sexy People In Fancy Clothes That Cost More Than Your House

So I can move on with my life and find out if other people are showing their boobs at other places, here’s the rest of The 2014 MET Gala featuring the return of Blake Lively’s breasts (I left you for Hilary Duff. Don’t make this weird.), Emma Stone who’s apparently done with her Nosferatu phase,… More »

Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding, Anyone?

If you happened to see photos of Gisele Bundchen looking fucking fantastic at the Oral B event in Sao Paolo yesterday, what you might not have known is that right before going on stage, a baby was sucking on her breasts. But now you do because Gisele wanted to share that moment with you and… More »

Is Gisele Bundchen Having Octuplets? Jesus Christ

If Alessandra Ambrosio has taught me anything, it’s that pregnancy involves never gaining an ounce of weight for nine months and then a beautiful baby instantly materializes out of your stomach with absolutely zero structural damage. (Unless you’re Jessica Simpson and eat the instruction manual without reading it.) Except here’s Gisele Bundchen in Miami yesterday… More »

Gisele Bundchen Hurt The Patriots’ Feelings

And Maria Menounos just made them commit suicide.

As the New England Patriots try to figure out how the hell they lost another Super Bowl to the Giants, perhaps they should look into how a team of grown men are apparently delicate flowers who can’t handle one stick-thin supermodel making a legitimate statement. More »

Gisele Bundchen Shits All Over The Patriots

“Shh… Shh… Now you listen to me, Tom Brady. There’s one thing you’ll always have that no one can ever take.”
“My waterslide? And what do you mean ‘take?’ Ohmygod, is it in trouble?!”

Because Gisele Bundchen’s friends and family in Brazil speak a strange, non-American tongue, God didn’t hear their prayersMore »

Gisele Bundchen: ‘Please Pray For Tom Brady’

Considering the last time the Patriots faced the Giants in the Super Bowl her husband went home crying without even touching his waterslide, Gisele Bundchen has found herself turning to the very same deity Tom Brady proved doesn’t exist when his team essentially anally raped Tim Tebow in the playoffs. The New York Post reports:… More »

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