George W. Bush

George Bush & Michelle Obama Are Best Friends; What Is Happening?

George W. Bush and Michelle Obama are the two best friends that anyone can be! They are the two best friends that anyone can be! More »

Kanye: ‘If Michael Jackson Had Twitter, He’d Make Matt Lauer Stop Being a Meanie’

Kanye West flipped out on Twitter last night after experiencing what he felt was unfair treatment by Matt Lauer on The Today Show. What follows is your quintessential, melodramatic #kanyerant complete with biblical references and arguments based on Michael Jackson using the Internet for anything besides watching Home Alone clips on YouTube. (Post jumped on… More »

Kanye West on George Bush: ‘I Was Too Quick to Pull The Race Card’

Kanye West is responding to George W. Bush’s remarks that being told he “doesn’t care about black people” was the most disgusting moment of his presidency that haunts him to this day. Even when trying to prove he’s just as good as Nolan Ryan to his dad. Turns out Kanye actually feels pretty bad about… More »

Kanye West Hurt George Bush’s Feelings

Sorry for another pseudo-political post, but if it makes you feel any better, you can actually blame this one on a black man.

Apparently Barack Obama and George W. Bush really do have a lot in common: They both hate Kanye West. While Obama think’s he’s a jackass, Bush writes in his just-released… More »

George Bush has cat-like reflexes

President George Bush had shoes thrown at him during a press conference in Baghdad yesterday. An Iraqi journalist, who surprisingly didn’t get his ass shot, whipped not one but BOTH of his shoes at the president after calling him a “dog.” Personal feelings of Bush aside, you gotta admit the bastard is quick… More »

Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush meets Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin

It’s Friday, so here’s Will Ferrell reprising his classic George W. Bush role alongside Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin on last night’s Primetime Edition of Saturday Night Live. I’m pretty sure something historic just happened here, but then again, I think it’s historic whenever I pour chocolate milk on my Cocoa Krispies. And, on… More »