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Gary Coleman Filed a Restraining Order Against Shannon Price

Because the Gary Coleman Murder Mystery takes a backseat to no made-up kidnapping story, RadarOnline has learned Gary secretly filed a restraining order against Shannon Price in February, just months before his death: … More »

Gary Coleman Didn’t Want the Plug Pulled

Seen here just moments before the fall that would ultimately end his life, Gary Coleman apparently signed legal documents in 2006 that requested he not be taken off life support. — Whoops. TMZ reports: … More »

UPDATE: Shannon Price doesn’t look suspicious at all

Seen here appearing on today’s Good Morning America in a wheelchair (Video after the jump), Shannon Price continued to play the weeping innocent widow while raking in piles of cash for interviews. On that note, TMZ reports someone is attempting to sell photos of Gary Coleman’s actual death: … More »

Gary Coleman’s ex-wife had rights to pull the plug

So apparently Shannon Price did have the legal authority to pull the plug on Gary Coleman after all. Whoops. E! News:

“Mr. Coleman had completed an Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so,” reads a statement… More »

BREAKING: Gary Coleman’s wife might have killed him

In a bizarre twist to Gary Coleman’s death, it turns out he was divorced from his wife Shannon Price. A fact she failed to mention to hospital officials before pulling the plug on him. TMZ reports:

Gary’s divorce lawyer, Randy Kester, tells TMZ the couple divorced on August 12, 2008, and as far… More »

Gary Coleman dead at 42 (1968 – 2010)

One last unfortunate update, folks, Gary Coleman died today after being taken off life support, according to RadarOnline:

Coleman had been hospitalized in Provo, Utah since Wednesday, May 26, after suffering what his family called “a serious medical problem.”
As previously reported, Coleman had slipped into a coma and was on… More »

Gary Coleman arrested for domestic violence

Seen here taking the world’s angriest midget mugshot, Gary Coleman was arrested on domestic violence in Utah on Saturday. E! News reports:

Coleman’s latest arrest follows his wife’s bust last July for suspicion of domestic violence and disorderly conduct in the same Utah town.
The duo, who married in August 2007, had… More »

UPDATE: Gary Coleman could be our next celebrity death

Gary Coleman was rushed to the hospital this morning, according to TMZ:

We’re told Coleman was transported at 8:03 AM from Custom Hotel in Los Angeles where he was staying.
His rep is still trying to confirm what happened — but people who were with Coleman told the rep there were signs… More »

Gary Coleman must be broke as shit and other news

- Chris Brown is truly suffering for beating the shit out of Rihanna. I mean, he went to the club last night without an entourage. I thought we were done torturing as a nation? [Got your back, Lainey.]

- Heidi Montag still hasn’t told her dad she’s posing in Playboy so she… More »

Gary Coleman has a shitty life

Gary Coleman’s 23-year-old bride Shannon Price decided it was time for an old-fashioned midget smackdown and was arrested for domestic violence last night. TMZ reports:

According to the sheriff’s website, Shannon Price was booked for the two misdemeanors at 8:32 PM and then released on $1,205 bond.
Cops tell us Shannon allegedly… More »

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