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Why Is No One Smiling At The Power Rangers Premiere?

Zordon: “Why the long face, rangers?” More »

The Superficial Presents Celebs I’m Thankful For

The Superficial will be off until Monday, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s a small caption gallery of the celebs I’m most thankful for this year. In the meantime, you can follow my holiday antics on both Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully that’ll keep everyone from whispering my name while crying next to a… More »

The Superficial presents ‘The Hell Are You Wearing?

Welcome to another The Superficial Caption Gallery. This time around we’re featuring red carpet disasters such as good ol’ Brooke Hogan here. Feel free to laugh along at my sexy wit, or simply the fact that these people paid money to look like Bedazzled shit. (But say it’s my wit; I’m sensitive.) … More »

The Superficial presents ‘Wait. WTF is That?’

Welcome to The Superficial’s latest caption gallery showcasing celebs who are flawed human beings just like you guys. As for me, I’m what they call “man gorgeous,” and there’s also a pretty good chance I’m a centaur. Minus the horse. … More »

The Superficial presents Stars Gone to Shit

Welcome to our latest caption gallery featuring a cavalcade of celebrities who decided why look beautiful when you can stuff your face, smoke a mountain of crack or stop paying for routine plastic surgery maintenance? Fortunately for them, natural talent is all you need to survive. – – Ha ha ha! Just kidding, they’re screwed. More »

Plastic Surgery Gone WTF Part 2: Another Sequel Without Katie Holmes

Welcome to The Superficial’s Gallery of Celebs Trying to Cheat Nature But Instead Looking Like Quasimodo’s Inbred Cousin, Fullmodo. You guys had such a blast with the last gallery, we decided to give it another go. So, who’s inside? Not even the greatest minds know for sure. But I bet Janice Dickinson’s first – because… More »

The Superficial presents Plastic Surgery Gone WTF

Welcome to The Superficial’s Gallery of Mangled Celebs. Here you’ll find a pictorial cavalcade of stars (With bitching commentary of course.) who thought they could cheat nature but ended up looking like, well, see for yourself….

Special thanks to Cindi for an insane amount of hours making my jokes all kinds of navigatable. That… More »