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Billy Ray Cyrus & Fred Durst Performed A Duet Together Because The Apocalypse

In case the Hulk Hogan “Wrecking Ball” spoof wasn’t evidence enough that these are truly the End of Days, here’s Billy Ray Cyrus performing “Lately” with Fred Durst on The Arsenio Hall Show because clearly this conversation happened in Hell:

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Fred Durst is divorced already

After roughly three months of marriage, Fred Durst announced on his Twitter today that his marriage to Esther Nazarov is over:

For those of you inquiring I will confirm that Esther and I have decided to go our seperate ways and we both thank you for your support.

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Fred Durst gets married

Fred Durst apparently married his girlfriend Esther Nazarov in Vegas Tuesday, according to his Twitter page:

Cheers to the universe from me and my lovely wife Esther Durst!! We are now one and complete. :o)
1:09 PM Jul 16th from Tweetie

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Fred Durst hops back on the Britney Spears publicity train

With a new movie hitting theaters and a Limp Bizkit revival in the works, what better time for Fred Durst to talk about how he allegedly banged Britney Spears in 2003 and, surprise, knew she was crazy all along – based solely on the fact she denied the whole thing. Of course. MTV News reports:
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Fred Durst is still alive!? Son of a…

Our country is at war. Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. Gas prices are on the rise. All stuff I can pretty much learn to deal with. What I am having trouble coping with is finding out that rap-rock ass-clown Fred Durst still walks among us. And, get out of town,… More »