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T-Pain Blasts The Entire Hip-Hop Community For Being Homophobic About Frank Ocean

Despite The Bible being used to justify owning their race like property or denying them basic human rights in general, an alarming amount of African-Americans are crazy homophobic because of religion. So here’s a double-cup drinking T-Pain going off on the hip-hop community – particularly Jay Z and Kanye – for basically shunning Frank OceanMore »

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

“I was told this was filled with Boston cream, not seeing any.”

Here’s the rest of The 55th Annual Grammy Awards that doesn’t involve Katy Perry’s awesome breasts, Kat Dennings’ almost-as-awesome breasts, evidence in Rihanna’s murder or Jennifer Lopez’s dress making it look like she has huge, giant testicles. Except now I’ve completely… More »

Chris Brown Thinks He’s Jesus Now

Immediately after news broke of his fight with Frank Ocean over a parking space yesterday, Chris Brown posted one of his original paintings to Instagram with this fucking ridiculous caption:

Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!

Because you see, folks, Chris Brown being held accountable for his… More »

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Got In A Fight Over A Parking Space

Depending on whether you read TMZ or the New York Post, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had some sort of “fight” over a parking space yesterday that was either started by Ocean’s entourage attacking Chris Brown or Chris Brown jumping Ocean. And while the knee-jerk reaction is to obviously blame Chris Brown because he’s a… More »

Kanye West Might Have Been Frank Ocean’s Lover

R&B singer Frank Ocean came out of the closet last week in a post to his website where he talks about falling in love with a man four summers ago. A man who Starpulse reports might be Ocean’s mentor Kanye West even though absolutely nothing in his post would suggest that, so naturally I thought… More »