Floyd Mayweather Jr.


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Good, Floyd Mayweather, Keep Saying Justin Bieber Fought With Heart

Floyd Mayweather thinks Justin Bieber fought with heart in a video where his drunken ass immediately gets slammed to the ground by a giant man. More »

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Witnesses A Murder/Suicide, Goes To Clippers Game

Yesterday morning, rapper Earl Hayes shot his wife Stephanie Moseley then himself over an alleged affair with Trey Songz which already is fucked up by itself. Except apparently he did it while FaceTime-ing – not just talking on the phone – with Floyd Mayweather Jr. who heard everything. TMZ reports:

Sources tell us… More »

50 Cent Says ‘F*ck The Ice,’ Let’s See Floyd Mayweather Try And Read Harry Potter

If you’ve been getting sick of seeing Ice Bucket Challenges all week, apparently so has 50 Cent because he just decided to change the whole thing into daring Floyd Mayweather to read. Via Instagram:

Floyd will you except my ALS/ESL CHALLENGE: I will donate $750k to a charity of your choice, If you… More »

And Now Floyd Mayweather Jr. Getting Bathed By His Female Assistant

Earlier today, we read about Kanye West equating the plight of modern celebrities with blacks in the 1960s, so to drive that point home, here’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. getting bathed by his assistant because, and I quote, “This is how I get my day started, everyday. – MR. MY LIFE IS THE SH*T.” It’s practically… More »

Chris Brown Threw A Charity Kickball Game

Chris Brown just got out of jail for violating his probation from beating the shit out of a woman, so why wouldn’t Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Amber Rose, Christina Milian, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner show up to his charity kickball game? What does violence against women have to do with them? It’s not like… More »

T.I. Started A Fight With Floyd Mayweather Jr., Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Above is TMZ footage of a fight that broke out at Fatburger in Vegas early Sunday Morning after T.I. got in Floyd Mayweather Jr.‘s face because of an Instagram photo of T.I.’s wife Tiny with Mayweather’s daughter. A situation that completely caught Mayweather by surprise because he just wanted some burgers and now there are… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Banging Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan and Floyd Mayweather Jr. hosting a Halloween party at Foxwoods Resort Casino last night where either he’s getting his money’s worth or they’re dating now. And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a minute, doesn’t Floyd Mayweather Jr. have a well-documented history of domestic violence,” yes. Yes, he does. So on that… More »

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Looks Remorseful

In the docs she states that Floyd came into her Las Vegas home Thursday morning and awoke her by, “pulling me by my hair and throwing me on the ground in my living room and began punching me in my head.” She claims Floyd then began “dragging me on the floor and twisting my armMore »