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Farrah Abraham’s Mom Raps Now, These Truly Are The End Times

DebzOG is a thing that exists now. God has forsaken us. More »

Farrah Abraham Made Fake Fan Accounts On Instagram, BAHAHAHA!

Farrah Abraham uses fake screenames to compliment herself on social media, which would be super sad if she wasn’t a butt devil from Hell. More »

BEST OF 2016: Amanda Seyfried’s Vagina Says ‘Hi’

There’s A Teen Mom Cruise And Farrah Wasn’t Invited

Farrah Abraham isn’t allowed on the Teen Mom cruise. I wonder what that’s all about. More »

How’s Farrah Abraham Permanently Damaging Her Kid This Week?

Farrah Abraham is under fire for allegedly giving her daughter weight loss tea, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. More »

Farrah Abraham Said Something Smart, IT’S THE APOCALYPSE

Farrah Abraham has a great plan to teach Sofia about sex. More »

Get Your Fake Tits Off My Wonder Woman, Butthole Merchant

Farrah Abraham went to the VMAs dressed as Wonder Woman because decorum and decency are dead. They died. More »

Farrah Abraham Won’t Date Black Guys

Add racism to the ways Farrah Abraham fails as a human being. More »

Farrah Abraham Is Ready For Daughter Sophia’s Porn Career, Goddammit

Farrah Abraham is why you need to spay or neuter your teenager. More »

Rubber Butthole Merchant Farrah Abraham Seeks Good Christian Man

Farrah Abraham wants a MAN of GAWD-AH. More »

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