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Good Morning, Eva Longoria Bikini Photos, And Other News

Amy Schumer can tell whatever jokes she wants. [Lainey Gossip]

Miley Cyrus makes out with her girlfriend. [Dlisted]

Dear middle-aged dudes, put down the skateboard. [The Frisky]

Peas In Guacamole: A National Crisis [Death and Taxes]

Your morning links. … More »

Good Morning, Eva Longoria Trying To Get George Clooney’s Attention, And Other News

- In case George Clooney missed the press release. [Lainey Gossip]

- Miley Cyrus’ new album cover looks strangely familiar. [Dlisted]

- Congrats, You’re A Hot Non-Vampire [theCHIVE]

- Robert Pattinson is sad and lonely, you guys. [Fishwrapper]

– “Tara Reid in a bikini? How can I… More »

George Clooney Tried To Trade Stacy Keibler In For Eva Longoria

“So then I take the money, put it in argyle socks and hide them all over the house. Now, here’s the fun part: If you fuck me, I give you a map.”
“Ohmygod, I would love that.”

Apparently there’s more to George Clooney and Stacy Keibler breaking up than her just wanting… More »

Bret Michaels Thinks Kim Kardashian And Eva Longoria Are The Same Person

I was going to post about this yesterday, but then a bunch more important stuff happened, and this is me whenever I realize I can’t avoid a Kardashian post. So above is Bret Michaels posing with Kim Kardashian which he tweeted to Eva Longoria on her birthday because he thought it was her. Later, he’d… More »

Oh, Hey, Eva Longoria Bikini Pics

Thanks to my love of reaching for low-hanging fruit, and not at all because of her small stature, I almost missed these bikini photos of Eva Longoria in Rio. I have nothing against dwarves nor their levitating prince and his psychic war on alien ghosts. You can tell her I said that.

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Jeremy Renner Knocked This Up

At some point during a Golden Globes after party, Jeremy Renner thought he was having a private conversation with Eva Longoria where he’d get to bang her after telling her he just found out he got his ex pregnant just before he dumped her. Turns out other people heard that conversation, and now here we… More »

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

And we’re spent with the Golden Globes already, so here’s the rest of the fancy people there including hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler who based on the illegal YouTube clips I could barely understand, did an awesome job calling everyone in Hollywood crybaby assholes to their faces. But before everyone thinks they’re so witty… More »

The Bikinis We Missed – July 4th Edition

Even after posting Katie Holmes, Tyra Banks, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Rossi, Ashley Tisdale and for God knows what reason, Deena Cortese, we still left a shit-ton of celeb bikini photos on the table yesterday, so enjoy this mini smorgasbord which should bring us up to speed:

Selena Gomez apparently took private photos… More »

Eva Longoria Suddenly Makes Me Interested in Shopping and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Alex Pettyfer will play Channing Tatum in stripper movie. [Popeater]

– And Robert De Niro and Amanda Seyfried will star in a comedy together that will be nowhere near as funny as a movie about Channing Tatum’s past life as a stripper. [Huffington Post]

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What’s Up, Eva Longoria? And Other News

- Star Jones won’t support The Donald in 2012. [Popeater]

– Toronto’s streets are teeming with sluts. [Dlisted]

– And Showtime continues cranking out shows on the same subject. [Huffington Post]

- Tori Spelling looks like she’s slowly deflating. [Lainey Gossip]

- Jayde Nicole in a sexy… More »

Erin Barry Denies Affair With Tony Parker

Erin Barry, soon-to-be-ex-wife of San Antonio Spur Brent Barry, has officially denied an affair with Tony Parker despite allegations fed to the press by Eva Longoria. Erin apparently posted the following lengthy statement on her website before Thanksgiving which everyone is only just now realizing because when did wives of basketball stars get their own… More »

Eva Longoria is Out For Revenge

Because revenge is a dish best served caliente, papi – I’ll go shoot myself in the face now. – Eva Longoria apparently was out for blood after discovering Tony Parker’s sextual messages with Erin Barry, wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry. This, of course, confirmed everything I already said yesterday because I’m Nostradamus’ More »

Tony Parker Banged His Teammate’s Wife

Now that it’s been established Eva Longoria really is getting a divorce, but didn’t want to ruin today’s Us Weekly exclusive she negotiated in advance, we can get down to who stuck what in who. Namely Tony Parker nailing one his teammate’s wife because he’s French and that’s what they do. Extra reports:

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Let’s Try This Eva Longoria Thing One More Time. With Feeling.

See? Feeling. *licks finger, adjust eyebrows* A thank you thank you.

Yesterday, TMZ reported Eva Longoria was getting a divorce only to immediately retract their story, leaving a scant handful of people going, “WTF?” because it’s only Eva Longoria. Well, word on the Internet streets is that she is going to file for… More »

Eva Longoria is Not Getting Divorced

In an uncharacteristic move, TMZ has issued a correction and are now reporting that Eva Longoria is not getting a divorce:

TMZ reported that Tony had filed for divorce. Two clerks at the Bexar County Courthouse in Texas had told us the case was filed and sealed by a family law judge.
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Eva Longoria is Getting Divorced

Eva Longoria has been keeping her schedule noticeably full the past few weeks, and according to E!’s Marc Malkin, it might have to do with avoiding her husband Tony Parker:

She was supposed to be one of the many celebs to appear at the taping of Anderson Cooper’s CNN Heroes of 2010 television… More »

Eva Longoria and The Rest of The MTV EMAs

So I can move on to more important business, here’s the rest of the MTV EMAs for your viewing pleasure:

Eva Longoria, who apparently hosted the show with her ass.
Rihanna “performing” with Bon Jovi. (Video below.)
Ke$ha being allowed near Miley Cyrus. Oh, good.
And Kelly Brook to make… More »

Eva Longoria Should Get Those Looked At

Granted, I’ve mostly been exposed to/only interested in breasts that look like they bounced out of Dr. Frank Ryan’s laboratory, may he rest in peace, I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be that close to the center of a woman’s chest. It’s like they’re trying to merge into one, potentially normal sized tit through… More »

Eva Longoria’s side boob: How else do you sell coats?

Here’s Eva Longoria and Tony Parker in the latest ad campaign for London Fog along with some behind-the-scene shots. Judging by Eva’s poses, I’m assuming this is a line of coats designed for flashers at the park. Because when you wave your genitals at a complete stranger you want to look classy. London Fog.
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Eva Longoria is cleavagey and other news

- Billy Joel buys finds a new prostitute lady prostitute. [PopEater]

- Miley Cyrus wants to be a “lawer.” [Lainey Gossip]

- Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a baby girl Saturday but didn’t name her Buffy which immediately makes me question why I just posted this. [Just Jared]

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