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Remember Rebecca Gayheart? She’s In A Bikini

It’s been over four years since Rebecca Gayheart has been on the site, and wow, my writing really hasn’t improved since then. *rereads Elmore Leonard’s life’s work, sobs* Anyway, here she is in a bikini and not murdering a child with her car while tweaked off her face. Which is cool, too, I guess. If… More »

Rebecca Gayheart is pregnanty

Here’s a pregnant Rebecca Gayheart at her LA home yesterday with Eric Dane. Because it’s always comforting to see two people who just had a drug-fueled orgy leaked on the Internet bring a baby into the mix. Actually, I’m being serious. This kid could have a loaded gun taped to his hand and he’d… More »

Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart sue over nude tape

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have filed a $1 million lawsuit against Gawker Media and Mark Ebner for posting the infamous nude video of the couple with Kari Ann Peniche, according to Radar Online:

The suit alleges that Ebner brought the tape to Gawker, which posted it “on or about” August 17 of… More »

Eric Dane didn’t have a threesome, he just filmed naked chicks (Now with video)

For those of you who haven’t heard, Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart apparently have a sex tape floating around that has a third party former Celebrity Rehab star Kari Ann Peniche. Except according to TMZ, it’s not so much a sex tape as a video of a bunch of people… More »

Eric Dane shirtless and other news

- Michael Jackson had a blood-soaked shirt in his closet and people think this is weird? It’s Michael Jackson. I’m surprised they didn’t find Short Round from Indiana Jones in there. “Twenty years it take you to find me, Doctor Jones?! What the hell?” [PopEater]

- Ryan Gosling wearing a sleeveless shirt on… More »