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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Selling $1700 ‘Hip Hop Clutches’ Now

Gwyneth Paltrow is the White Devil. More »

Will The Trust Fund Baby Please Stand Up?

Chet Haze dyed his hair like Eminem. This had to be done. More »

And Now Chris Pratt Remembering Every Word From Eminem’s Verse In ‘Forgot About Dre’

While I did stupid shit like go to college, Chris Pratt spent the early 2000s living in a van in Maui where he smoked weed all day and listened to Eminem. And if you think I’m being sarcastic, I sit in a basement writing about famous tits while Chris Pratt’s basically Space Robert Downey Jr. More »

Justin Bieber Thinks He’s Eminem Now. Of Course.

Here’s Justin Bieber performing the first verse of Lose Yourself in Detroit, of all places, last night because when you’re the King of the Wild Kidz, son, you spit what you want. In fact, none of this is so ridiculous that even some old British lady like Sharon Osbourne could possibly see this shit for… More »

Megan Fox in the New Eminem Video

Eminem and Rihanna debuted their new video for “Love the Way You Lie” (after the jump) which apparently stars Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan as Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva unless I’m interpreting this thing all wrong. As noted before, I’m not at all an Eminem fan, but the song’s actually pretty decent considering Rihanna… More »

Eminem Supports Gay Marriage

In a new interview with the New York Times, Eminem expresses his support for gay marriage after facing criticisms in the past for using the word “faggot” in his songs: … More »

Eminem fires back at Mariah Carey

In response to Nick Cannon’s open letter and Mariah Carey’s latest video, Eminem has released his latest song “The Warning,” and it’s pretty much everything you’d expect from Eminem. Via PopCrunch:

Yeah, what you gonna say? I’m lucky? Tell the public that I was so ugly that you had to be drunk toMore »

Mariah Carey’s giant breasts shoot a video

Here’s Mariah Carey on the set of her latest music video “Obsessed” in New York yesterday where reports are pouring in she dressed up like Eminem. Because everyone knows Eminem has black hair, a goatee and looks exactly like a tan-skinned women in a hoodie. No, really, those would be the exact words I’d… More »

Eminem gets Bruno’s nuts in his face

During an elaborate intro to present an award and promote Bruno, a winged Sacha Baron Cohen landed directly in Eminem’s lap essentially tea-bagging him. Eminem was visibly pissed and his bodyguards batted Sacha around like a pinata before the entire entourage stormed out of the theater. Nobody knows if Enimem was in on it, but… More »

Eminem wants to pee on Mariah Carey

In case there’s any doubt Eminem is the greatest wordsmith of our generation, check out his latest volley in the ongoing feud with Nick Cannon. It pretty much demonstrates the full depth of his uncanny word.. things. The Sun reports:

But the warning has been ignored as Em took another shot at Mariah as… More »

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