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The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards

The rest of The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, but mostly just the pics I felt like posting because you could see butts and stuff. More »

The Khaleesi Is Esquire’s The Sexiest Woman Alive 2015

Emilia Clarke: Mother of Interviews
(I Went Right For It)

Emilia Clarke gives a pretty great interview with Harper’s Bazaar where she talks about Channing Tatum threeways and Jay Z buying dragon eggs. … More »

The Khaleesi’s 18-Year-Old Body Double Is Hotter Than The Khaleesi

This is Emilia Clarke’s body double for Game of Thrones which raises of the question of why we still need Emilia Clarke. God wants us to use this one. More »

Madonna’s Khaleesi Costume Was The Actual Khaleesi Costume

Because it’s a silly place, the Internet freaked out over Madonna wearing a remarkably accurate Khaleesi costume for Purim. Turns out it was so accurate because it’s the actual goddamn costume Emilia Clarke wears on Game of Thrones. NY Daily News reports:

“It’s my real costume, because I thought I was dreaming,” Clarke… More »

The 20th Annual SAG Awards

I’m going to shoot it to you straight. Today is technically a work holiday, so I let Photo Boy have the day off because he’s like my sla- a trusted employee! I was going to say trusted employee. So here’s my attempt at a SAG Awards red carpet gallery/a> which may or may not beMore »

James Franco Is Banging The Khaleesi Now

You’d just assume after having sex with Seth MacFarlane, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke would have anywhere to go but up. Turns out she chose Secret Option #2: Letting James Franco throw paint at her vagina while reciting poetry. Page Six reports:

James Franco was seen squiring sexy “Game of Thrones” star… More »

Seth MacFarlane Dumped The Khaleesi

Now that he’s a controversial Oscars host, Seth MacFarlane doesn’t need Emilia Clarke anymore which is great news for her considering the last girlfriend he broke up with was Amanda Bynes and look how well she turned out. She’s practically a whole other person. E! News reports:

The 39-year-old Family Guy funnyman and… More »

Seth MacFarlane’s Banging The Khaleesi

When we last Seth MacFarlane he was doing Ryan Phillipe a solid by regularly ejaculating into the hole Ryan’s illegitimate unborn child would eventually fall out of. A move that apparently impressed the shit out of Emilia Clarke, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, who started banging Seth a month later, so just assume Ryan Phillippe… More »