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Emile Hirsch Found California Justice In Utah

Emile Hirsch Charged With Felony Assault, Checks Into Rehab

Emile Hirsch has been charged with felony assault after allegedly attacking a woman at Sundance, and choking her, while drunk off his ass. Fortunately, he’s a rich, white celebrity, so all he has to do is check into rehab (done) and it’s like the whole thing never even happened! More »

Emile Hirsch Allegedly Put A Female Studio Exec Into A Headlock

Eyewitness accounts claim Emile Hirsch not only drunkenly assaulted a female studio executive but also put her in a headlock, so nice guy. Really cool person. More »

So Who Wants To See Emile Hirsch Taking A Leak In Public While Staring Directly At The Paparazzi?

Since we’ve already had a post about poop today (I should’ve leaked that to the Travolta video. Stupid.), here’s Emile Hirsch taking a leak on a plant outside a crowded Bootsy Bellows last night while looking genuinely shocked that someone caught what he was doing. His plan seemed so careful. “They’ll just think the plant’s… More »

Lindsay Lohan Got Hammered Last Night

“Did you.. did you see all those bottles? Iwanttomarrymymouth.”

Immediately after her house arrest ended yesterday Lindsay Lohan told her friends she’s afraid to go out and just wants to focus on her community service then stay at home reading a book with her sister. So, of course, here she is absolutely hammered-balls… More »