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Colin Farrell Tapped That

In a new interview with Ellen, Colin Farrell admits to having a “romantic relationship” with Elizabeth Taylor in 2009 after bumping into her at the hospital. So here’s that while I try and see if Colin Farrel and Russell Brand have ever been in the same place at the same time. Via E! News:
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Lindsay Lohan Stole A Bracelet From Elizabeth Taylor’s Nurse. Of Course.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Somebody showed Lindsay Lohan an object that she wanted and then said object immediately went missing because she stole the shit out of it. RadarOnline reports:

“Lindsay became very good friends with Elizabeth Taylor’s longtime nurse while shooting Liz & Dick,” a source close to… More »

BEST OF 2012: Lindsay Lohan’s Breasts Fell Out While Filming ‘Liz & Dick.’ Of Course.

Greetings, exalted one. Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Superficial Writer, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Photo Boy Solo. (He withheld sex until I wrote that.) I know that you are powerful, mighty reader, and that your anger with us not posting must be equally powerful. As a token of my goodwill,More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Doing A Barbara Walters Interview

Seen here leaving a jewelry store over the weekend without being gunned down at the door (Why not just give her the safe codes while you’re at it?), Lindsay Lohan will apparently sit down for an interview with Barbara Walters to promote her Lifetime TV movie Liz & Dick and lie about a bunch of… More »

Lindsay Lohan Tried To Bail On ‘Scary Movie 5′ By Pretending She Has Pneumonia

Above is Lindsay Lohan on the set of Liz & Dick because apparently enough people don’t realize what happens when you hire her, and it’s break all your shit whenever she’s not delaying production by plowing Porsches into tractor trailers or suddenly becoming shy about nudity despite doing Playboy. All lessons the producers of ScaryMore »

Of Course Lindsay Lohan Trashed Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra Trailer. ‘Allegedly.’

“Here’s the bloody culprit, mates! Caught her putting silverware in her bosom, I did.”

In June, long-time Elizabeth Taylor fan Angel Alger spent $50,000, her life savings, on the original Cleopatra trailer where the late actress had numerous affairs with Richard Burton. Except part of the condition of the sale was that Lifetime… More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Just Straight Breaking Stuff Now

Lindsay Lohan has somehow managed to delay production of Liz & Dick every single week starting with demanding casting approval of who plays Richard Burton followed by crashing her Porsche into a tractor-trailer even though the producers’ insurance explicitly banned her from driving during production and then just last Friday, trying to call in sick… More »

This Is Why You Don’t Hire Lindsay Lohan

Just to catch everybody up, on Friday there were panicked, premature reports that Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in her hotel room and rushed to the hospital. Turns out none of that happened and she was more than likely trying to call in sick (Lainey Gossip has the rundown here.) and take a three-day which… More »

Lindsay Lohan Is Concerned With Doing Nudity Now. Lindsay Lohan.

Above, you’ll find the cover from Lindsay Lohan’s infamous Playboy shoot that required two takes because Photoshop technology could only erase so many freckles and cigarette burns at the time. And if you click on the cover, you’ll be taken to photos of Lindsay filming Liz & Dick with her breasts freely flapping about even… More »

Lindsay Lohan Lied To The Cops

Lindsay Lohan’s first reaction to anything is to immediately lie her face off and blame anyone and everyone that isn’t her. Except this time around she managed to lie to the police about who was really driving the rented Porsche that found its way smashed into a tractor-trailer, so here’s TMZ pretending that’s going to… More »

Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Supposed To Be Driving While Filming ‘Liz & Dick’

When Lindsay Lohan was stunt-cast as Elizabeth Taylor, the film’s producers made it a point to mention that they had to jump through an assload of hoops just to get her insured. Turns out one of those hoops was not letting her drive during production which naturally resulted in Lindsay getting behind the wheel of… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback is Going Swell

Back in April 2011, Lindsay Lohan was rumored/her mom was telling everyone she’d be playing Victoria Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations thus kicking off The Return of Lindsay Lohan: America’s Acting Princess. In fact, Lindsay even went so far as to show up at the press conference only to have her part drastically reduced until… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Keep Falling Out, Just Like Elizabeth Taylor!

“SHE’S GONNA BLOW!” *throws Lindsay to the deck, jumps on top of her like a live grenade*

When filming for Liz & Dick began yesterday, I should’ve immediately assumed they were going to film the whole thing in front of the paparazzi because we’ve already seen Lindsay Lohan in swimwear, and now here… More »

It’s Lindsay Lohan In A Swimsuit As Elizabeth Taylor

After almost derailing production by demanding casting approval and a trip to Europe to scout for an actor to play Richard Burton, here’s Lindsay Lohan actually filming the Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick today because apparently Lifetime’s really going to go through with this. I had no idea tax write-offs were this elaborate, but… More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Crazy Search For Dick Is Dicking Over The Production of ‘Liz & Dick’

So here’s some completely shocking and unpredictable news from the production of the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick: Lindsay Lohan is being goddamn impossible to deal with and demanding crazy shit like casting approval and free trips to Europe whenever she’s not out partying with Paris Hilton. Which doesn’t make any sense because she’s changed… More »

I Don’t Remember Elizabeth Taylor Being So Orange

So despite all the reasons mentioned in this Woody Allen post and the fact that she’s Lindsay Lohan in general, A&E decided to showcase her anyway at last night’s upfronts to promote her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick (actual title). And, of course, to thank them for taking… More »

Lindsay Lohan Thinks Gerard Butler Would Make A Great Richard Burton To Her Elizabeth Taylor

If you’re wondering why the hell these are photos of Lindsay Lohan on a red carpet, it’s only Star magazine’s All Hollywood event which featured such “famous” faces as, well, Lindsay Lohan and (I think) the dude from Shahs of Sunset who apparently jumped immediately to haggling over her price. – “I see on Internet… More »

Rosie O’Donnell: ‘Lindsay Lohan Shouldn’t Be Playing Elizabeth Taylor Or Anyone’

Thanks to being fired from the sinking ship known as OWN, Rosie O’Donnell has lots of free time on her hands, so naturally she stopped by TODAY this morning to talk shit about Lindsay Lohan officially landing the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime made-for-TV movie:

“I feel very sorry for her,’’… More »

Megan Fox And Lindsay Lohan Are Competing For That Elizabeth Taylor Role Now

Last week, we learned that Lindsay Lohan is up for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie and as of this morning, her mom was trying to convince people it’s because Lindsay is so mature now. Turns out the producers are basically looking for free press because not only are they confirming… More »

Lindsay Lohan Might Play Elizabeth Taylor Now

Elizabeth Taylor hasn’t even been dead a year yet, so of course Lifetime is considering taking the most giant, voluminous freckled piss on her grave imaginable. TheWrap reports:

[Lindsay] Lohan, 25, is in talks to play Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic “Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story.” An individual familiar with… More »

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