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Did Jesse Spano Just Say Showgirls?

Elizabeth Berkley no longer lives in shame because of Showgirls. More »

Kelly Kapowski, 41 And Pregnant? STILL WOULD

Blah blah blah ‘Saved By The Bell’ reunion. LOOK HOW HOT KELLY KAPOWSKI STILL IS EVEN WITH A BABY IN HER. More »

Jesse & Slater Got Back Together!!

It’s the reunion the world’s been waiting for. Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez together agai- I’m literally just looking for any excuse to link to this GIF (NSFW). I’m not even going to hide it, this is who I am now. The warble has me. It has all of me…

Photos: AndraViak/AKM-GSI, GettyMore »

Elizabeth Berkley in a Bikini

You know, when I wake up in the morning, and the alarm gives off a warning, sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time. Anyone else ever feel that way? Just thought I’d ask. Anyway, here’s Elizabeth Berkley in Hawaii yesterday reminding us that it’s been 16 years since Showgirls and God puts… More »