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Dear Valentine, Please Use Your Hollywood Money To Rocket Fox News Into The Sun

[Ed. Note: For the sake of this post, I’m assuming Selena Gomez is my Valentine which is neither creepy nor illegal. Also, this doll made out of her hair was here when I got here. – SW]

Dearest Valentine Who I Have Sex With In Real Life,

Last month, Elisabeth HasselbeckMore »

Kate Gosselin to guest host The View. Of course.

While Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes her maternity leave, The View finds itself lacking an opinionated, WASP who thinks birthing children makes them an expert on pretty much everything. Enter Kate Gosselin. According to the AP, The Porcupined One will guest host two days in September.

I have to say this for Kate Gosselin:… More »

Lindsay Lohan stalker arrested (Plus things)

Tales of derring-do:

- Lindsay Lohan’s crazed stalker was arrested last night after “lunging at her” at an Arizona nightclub. Finally, someone’s put Samantha Ronson behind bars before she lesbianizes another fading actress. [E! Online]

- Elisabeth Hasselbeck learns that whining will get you an invite to the Bush’s White House Christmas Party. More »

Elisabeth Hasselbeck should wrestle Ann Coulter in a vat of pudding – unless she hates America

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one fourth of the clucking you hear when watching The View, decided to show off her sweet bikini-clad post-pregnant bod in the pages of Fitness Magazine. Elisabeth did a bunch of stuff like dieting, exercising and whatever else Republicans do to lose weight. Which I’ll assume includes throwing Bibles at poor people. I… More »

Jenna Jameson on The View? Wow, really?

Thanks to pioneers like Kim Kardashian, porn stars are now considered legitimate guests on The View. This trailblazing led to the most awkward, surreal, WTF interview I’ve ever seen when Jenna Jameson appeared on yesterday’s show (video after the jump). It’s almost like inviting a hooker over to your house to meet your mom, grandmom… More »

Barbara Walters to Kim Kardashian: Why are you famous?

Here’s a clip of Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner’s appearance on The View this morning. It’s kind of funny to see Barbara Walters animated corpse cut right through the bullshit and ask Kim why she’s famous. Barbara even asked about the sex tape which is always a great conversation to have with an… More »

Alicia Silverstone snubs Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Watch the top video. Watch the bottom video. Laugh. Or if you don’t think you can handle the screeching just skip straight to the bottom video. … More »